until today, i was pleasantly unaware of a movie called the human centipede. wtf? i really wish i had yesterday's brain back.
Any chance recipe for famous MB mac&cheese can be posted...?

thanks you...
Cool sketchbook iPad app, Paper. Check out the video which features a split second of the iconic (?) NYC view from our alley.
long national nightmare blah blah blah...

Hogans heroes (1965) clearly drew from stalag 17 (1953) and the great escape (1963) But today Tcm ran a Brit film from 1962 called the password is courage that seems even closer to the tv show In it's sense of humor, plot and character identities.

From HH wiki entry:
The producers of the 1953 feature film Stalag 17, a World War II prisoner of war film released by Paramount Pictures (which now owns the DVD rights to Hogan's Heroes), unsuccessfully sued Bing Crosby Productions for infringement.[15][not in citation given] In his book, My War, Andy Rooney, who was a friend of Don Bevan and Ed Trzcinski—the authors of the original Stalag 17 play—relates that "...someone at CBS apparently ripped off their idea and made a television series called Hogan's Heroes of it. The television program had too many similarities in character and plot to be coincidental, and when Don and Ed sued the network they won a huge award."[16]
Breaking Bad, season 4 episode 10. Wow!
500 years of trees in painting.
Screened call follow up.
One of the criticisms of solar I've heard is "But what about at night, huh?"

"Wow, you're right! Good thing peak usage of electricity is during the day."
as i was standing in line at the duane reade pharmacy yesterday i noticed that candy was going for $1.40 which seemed ludicrously expensive and this article backs me up on that. they used an average price of $1.14 for candy today which would translate to $.78 in 1979 (around the time i was a candy buyer) when the price was 25 cents.
Cooper is smart enough to be a coward. He knows what was true then and, sadly, is still true today. Will white consumers abandon a product once its brand is too black? Yes, they will. Will black consumers abandon a product once its brand is too black? Yes, not wanting to be stereotyped, they will. Even as multicultural image campaigns rightly lobby for more and better black representation in commercials, and as much as America now embraces the endorsement of certain black celebrities, the politically incorrect truth is that there’s a tipping point. The moment a product is “ghetto,” white consumers are gone—and then black consumers are gone, too.
lord saletan finds his muse.
i just liked this quote from barney frank:
“The Moral Majority supports legislators who oppose abortions but also oppose child nutrition and day care. From their perspective, life begins at conception and ends at birth.”
double oop
ive got the premium package (at a reduced rate for a year) so i get every movie channel and i am just astounded at the paucity of selection and the repetition. im sure the networks will blame the studios for the rates they charge to air the back catalog but its immensely frustrating to have 50 movie channels with nothing worth watching that hasnt run 100 times before in the prior six months. if neflix streamings selection is any guide, i assume the studios will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a full catalog streaming future at a reasonable fixed rate.
too little, too late.
best commercial ever.
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