Microsoft’s Lost Decade
Typical dyspeptic piece about digital photography in birding, but just look at the pictures; good god, what I never knew about flying fish!
finally a mass murder liberals can embrace. its just unfortunate it reads like an onion piece. but really, can we expect our homegrown morans to grasp the difference between sikhs and muslims? a towelhead is a towelhead, amirite? and yes, if you are confused, im referring to the mars rover.
Safe landing on mars. 1st image in is low res hazcam fish eye b/w landscape w in mins.

14 min delay
on account
some jews and the gays
can't believe I have never read this before!
was bridesmaids not raunchy enough for you?

my dear mr truman capote,

via, via
"846 critics, programmers, academics and distributors have voted – and the 50-year reign of Kane is over. Our critics’ poll has a new number one."
Rip gore vidal's level head
Filling seats at the Olympics.

"yesterbating" -kp
good lemonade recipe, i'm going to make this today. love the zest infused simple syrup.
chick-fil-a deconstructed.
Rip Chris marker
Jean-pierre Leaud
eleven madison parkourses
lunch: an urban intervention
olympic events schedule though not a tv schedule.
galifianakis & ferrell turn tables on stewart on the daily show.

2012 Olympics swag
Tony Fitzpatrick alphabet of songbirds