Touchbackdown! -- and offensive pass interference, which negates the "catch".
Members of the hacktivist group Anonymous have released sixty hours of footage of the raid by the New York Police Department against Occupy Wall Street on November 15, 2011. The footage posted is from the NYPDís Technical Assistance Research Unit (TARU), a surveillance unit that is regularly present at political demonstrations to film police actions. It was posted as a torrent for download late in the evening on September 23, 2012. A tiny sample of the footage, including a statement read by a member of Anonymous, was posted on YouTube.
of Helen and Edgar
Michael Scott fourth circles
Bourdain Paris 2010 100 aniv show. link
gotta love this. the coach of real madrid was so excited at his clubs comeback victory in the opening match of the champions league that he couldnt contain himself. his dry cleaner might be less thrilled.

Megan mcardle takedown via tm
I guess I probably shouldn't have eaten that tamale at the neighborhood church fund-raiser this afternoon.
discover the wonders...
My mom just cancelled her subscription to the New Yorker. She had subscribed since 1960 and had been a reader since she was about twelve (1942). Her mother had been a reader since it's inception and a subscriber since the close of ww2. The magazine was ever-present in their Lexington Ky. home. Mom would walk down weekly to the news store the day it arrived. The reason for cancellation she explained was that the quality had gone down hill, the cost too high ($69.95 annual) and it had become too thin. Plus the cartoons haven't been funny in years.
Based on the provisional F1 calendar released today, I may be in NJ on July 16.
the frame game

re Warhol
Said to be a pollock by kligmans estate. Ruth was around the art scene in the 80's and 90's. Even collaborating with m bidlow. It was common knowledge that she had pollack works that she had collaborated in. The pollack estate (it was said) was not cooperative in authenticating them in her lifetime. This could be one?

vanity fair story
when i had just seen a photo i thought this was a real court and not a very sound idea.
Move over
inside the faulty Romney strategy.
I have some measure of trepidation concerning today's planned one year anniversary ows march. I will watch and hope for the safety of the protesters.

watch out for the white shirt cops guys.
keeping Austin weird
Jackson Pollock Tony Smith: sculpture
Another Mit misstep / nyt / give this guy enough rope... Looking forward to some debatin'