RIP Harris Savides
first iPad
viva loisaida, 1978

Joe Coffman is a modern Texan. This means that Mary Sue is a pretty, loving and understanding wife, that his sons Bobby, 6, and Larry, 4, are healthy and happy, that his business is successful (four other branches in Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock and Amarillo), that his ranch-type home is comfortable, with all of the built-ins manufacturers sell these days, that he has a 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire and a 1962 Impala (both convertibles), that his close friends are mostly the ones he grew up with or knew in high school and college. Being a modern Texan also means that Joe Coffman might not recognize a cow pony if it were tied on a leash in his backyard, that he despises Stetson hats, that he likes cashmere sport coats, pin-collar shirts, Las Vegas, playing golf at Colonial Country Club, Barbra Streisand ("Think she can't sing?"), good food, good booze, Barry Goldwater and, more than anything else, the Texas Longhorns. And does he like those Longhorns!
"In the ’60s Heine was credited with introducing tie- dye to America. He created his paintings by injecting bundled sheets with dye, using a hypodermic needle, and unfolding them to an array of bright color. In “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue,” Dylan’s lyric, “The empty-handed painter from your streets/is drawing crazy paintings on your sheets,” is a reference to Bill Heine’s work."

-rip bill heine
av clubs 50 best films of the 90s.
"The film also holds the Guinness World Record for the longest constant movie shoot, at 400 days."
becoming critical via k jones and s jones.

premieres tomorrow night at 8 on espn2.

25 car pile-up on final lap at talladega
i havent watched it but heres that jon stewart - bill o'reilly debate from last night.

black on maroon rothko 1958 vandalized at Tate

From the seagrams series.
attention roswell, its just a weather balloon.
Memo to self: honey bakery
the making of a messi.
saw some paparazzi (maybe half a dozen) stalking their prey just as i exited my apartment with a load of laundry. after i dropped it off i joined the circus for a couple of blocks and most assuredly ruined a couple of shots as i stood next to mother and stroller on the median while crossing delancey. as any new yorker would do i didnt gawk which may have contributed to the fact that i couldnt identify the mark. for this i have great shame but certainly less than the photographers do although i have little doubt they were summoned by a publicist for the purpose of communal parasitism.
first triple crown winner since affirmed in '78.
are you ready for some debate? im pre-nauseated which seems appropriate.
poll dancing.