Gerhard Richter Painting
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ramp farm
num pang - cambodian sandwich shop

camille claudel posing for auguste rodin

satsuki and mei's house. i want to go!

BRUSSELS - As 29 passengers sat aboard a Zurich-bound flight here Monday evening waiting for the last bags to be loaded, gunmen wearing police uniforms raced up to the plane and stole more than 120 packages of diamonds worth at least $50 million, and possibly much more.


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Stereoblind from birth (i.e., no depth perception), Bruce Bridgeman went to see Martin Scorsese’s Hugo in 3D. Amazingly the 3D glasses allowed him to see depth, and more amazingly, his brain continued to see in 3D after he took off the glasses and left the theatre.
Winfred Rembert
John Anster Fitzgerald "The Captive Robin"
well, he is a household name

Check it out Alex: Lord of the Rings Family Tree Project
somewhere street
whois? hint: not a hemingway.


Inside the Battle of Hoth