clearly impossible to parody this italian soccer analyst, or take an italian seriously ever again.

anonymous sex is finally out of the closet and onto the internet!

our great modern american philosopher-poets, wiz khalifa and jay-z get filibustered up in hurrrr.. 

March 1, 2013. Napoli's supporters burn flares during the Italian Serie A soccer match against Juventus at the San Paolo Stadium in Naples, Italy.

letters. Coetzee and Auster on watching sports.
just tired of seeing that joplin gif

20 years old

next time in nyc your mine


things organized neatly

Soft Brillo box
Green death shake


143 ludlow

great write-up on family trip to burning man

not sure how i came across this today

tolking tolkien

Ernst Haeckel / wiki / images

NYC Subway map / busiest subway stop infographic.

Large photos of NYC past. (via kottke)

flying squid

one of beverly cleary's childhood homes is for sale.

jon stewart taking three months off to direct a film. john oliver will take over the show.

container village