The latest survey, to be released in May, found that fast food chains now account for 54 percent of all restaurant sales in France.

richard prince composite image of 57 seinfeld (character) girlfriends.

the CIA as curator.
clueless sideline reporter on top of green monster in boston clicks photo of self just a baseball careens toward head. 

window socket

everything is rigged
pdx modern home

Bob Wier STAGE DIVES last night.......(takes only a couple minutes to see it)

GWB, not smart

when grantland was conceived, this is the type of longform pieces they were hoping to produce. this one is on the iditarod.

the history of coffee
the berzerker burger

anyone looking for a new gig? art genome project. 

New New Yorker Martin Amis Talks Terrorism, Pornography, Idyllic Brooklyn and American Decline

Forrest bess seeing things invisible
the cupcake crash of 2013

cool dad

the european champions league is down to its final four teams, the top two teams from the german bundesliga v. the top two from spains la liga. the top team from each league just got underway on fox soccer, bayern munich against barcelona. and tomorrow is real madrid versus borussia dortmund is on fx at 245 est. both pairs will play a two game home/away series, the winners of which will meet in london for the final match.

Who is better?

bank protest spanish style

ear innterview

And the Caucasus—a region loosely encompassing Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ossetia, and Ingushetia—has always occupied a mystical place in Russian literature. It is a region of rough natural beauty but also the place of exile, where those who ran afoul of the tsar were sent to ponder their fealty to the empire. A place to conquer but also a place before which to stand in awe. If Russia has a cultural subconscious, it lies east of the Don River.