Bourbon family tree.

starbucks coffee really is awful. 

'The Worst 12-Month Stretch' in the History of Pay TV

little red devil
"In all, 22 lots, or almost a third of the sale, were guaranteed. One was “Apocalypse Now,” a 1988 painting by Wool, who’s the subject of a retrospective at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. The work spelled “Sell the house sell the car sell the kids” in black on white. It fetched $26.5 million, more than three times Wool’s previous record. Art dealer Christophe van de Weghe bought the work for a client."

On the lake a cutthroat trout breaks the surface; pieces of it follow him into the air. He breaks it again, falling back. The water mends itself in circles; the circles disappear. You could never say exactly where, but that’s how things mend; it’s how you get old, too. Not that they are necessarily different things. The place is quiet again. The sun has touched the lake, but the lake still belongs to the night. To the night and to the old man.

going through my snarl of electronics and i came across this. someone want to convince me its too soon to throw away.

Kilgman pollock authenticated. Polar bear hair inclusion clinches it.

New record..........
JACOB KASSAY Untitled, 2011 84 x 60 in. (213.4 x 152.4 cm.)
Sold for $317,000
Contemporary Art Evening 11 November 2013

Wildwood has been picked as the Brown Wheeler Thanksgiving Restaurant....this dining out might become our new tradition......had a smoking great meal at Wildwood last month.....the old guard is the new guard!!

You guys know anything about Sam Maloof?

who could ever get tired of talkin' risotto? (nytimes*)

*im gonna mark these as such when i remember so if you dont want to waste your free access to the times....

anyone familiar with the work of Adrian Ghenie?


like brand

Art of the Automobile

see Blank city

if you go by this film the 70's-80's ev scene was populated by more film makers than punk rockers. Lots of familiar faces and voices here out of our not-so distant past. On net flix. Recommended!
Kale, parmesan, pine nuts, currants, olive oil, lemon, salt. The key is cutting the kale very fine. I do some de-stemming first, and then roll the leaves into kale cigars. This makes it easier to chop. Then I put them in a bowl with some lemon juice and let it sit for a while. Not sure if that really works or not but the idea is that it softens up the raw kale a little more. Toast the pine nuts. Microplane parmesan. I just wing the proportions, but it's pretty easy if you just keep tasting. I use currants because they are small, but if I can't find them I just use regular raisons and chop them up a bit.

Just another normal incident in Oregon

oh, and i guess there was an election...

classics online

Famed Chef Charlie Trotter Dies At 54 (linda emailed me)

I was just in Chicago with people that worked for him, other that knew him, etc

It did not end well on many fronts they said, this could be the !

Wish I had tasted his veggie menu.....we love his book(s)