DiBenedetto does for octopuses and u.f.o.s what Cézanne did for apples and oranges (and what Guston did for bloodshot eyeballs), making paintings for painting’s sake. This fiendishly appealing small show of the artist’s collages begins with a swarming work held in place by straight pins, so its elements flutter like insects. It’s followed by compressed and agitated compositions in acid hues that seem ready to melt down into raw energy or whir off the page. Don’t miss the chapbook that accompanies the show, a visual index of DiBenedetto’s inspirations, from alchemical illustrations to “Easy Rider.” Through Feb. 25.


January 15 – February 25

43 E. 78th St., NY, NY



Road trip radio:

Fox News Channel: Benghazi! Benghazi! Behghazi! IRS! Terrorists! Obamacare!

MSNBC: Bridgegate! Sandygate! Christie-motherfucking-palooza!  Jeb Bush?

CNN: Puppies! (I don't really know. Didn't listen to CNN or HLN.)

Doyle lane weed pots
e z Japanese cooking
we are doomed!
Powers out here. Running the generator. Internet works though.
the radiant child
boullets larder
slow Dan "Some of the paintings are smarter than me. I donít know what to do with that.Ē
Julije Knifer
Alvin Lustig

this is the ugliest dish ever.....but it was tasty.....black truffle/black trumpet muschroom eggies on top of garlic/leek/beans....UGLY

Philip Seymour Hoffman RIP. Sad news.

For that matter, shouldn't Standard English also qualify?

Badum tish!

Stewart is sometimes too glib and superficial in his interviews of politicians. He seems too awestruck to ask hard questions. He does a good job with Pelosi. She's the one who comes off as glib and superficial. The fact that he had to explain his concerns several times before she seemed to get it was just bizarre.  (A. If you believe government can make things better, then don't fuck up when you launch new programs. You undermine your argument when you do that. B. Government policy is for sale, by both parties. Don't do that.)

Her inability to grasp the first argument struck close to home. I've been having a disagreement about a particular program in my little car club. It's a program that used to be a major source of income for the club. It's now a sink hole, and has been for two years.  It's come to the point that I wrote a little manifesto on the subject in an attempt to drill past the superficialities. The conversational circles seem to go like this ...

"We just need to quit making this one particular mistake."

"Yes, you do. But that's not the core issue. The problem is more fundamental."

"Okay, we should stop making this other mistake."

"Yes. Stop doing that one. But that's still not the core issue."

"We do a lot of things right."

"Yes, keep doing them. But what I'm talking about is what you are doing wrong."

"Okay, we promise won't make that one partiucular mistake any more."

"Fine. But god fucking damn it, that's not the core issue. There are some fundamental problems. Stop re-arranging the deck chairs on this Titanic, and let me explain again."

I need to study Mr. Stewarts performance to prepare for the next board meeting. 

wil he ever get his due?

names of ny

come for the volvo, stay for the cronuts. seinfeld and tina fey in his coffee chat series.

I can't find the thread in which I talked (ranted?) about multiplication tables, so I'll start a new one. This is very, very bad. Bad teacher, no apple! To have memorization trump conceptual understanding is a fundamental failure to understand what mathematics is all about. Besides ... commutitative property of multiplication!!! Even Wolfram Alpha know this.

Google dumps Motorola phone unit for about $3B. They previously dumped the Cable TV unit for $2.35B. They paid $13B. So they got a stack of patents for almost $8B. I still remember talking to a key guy involved in Mot's ill-fated tablet. "Oh, video really isn't important." I can't say I'm shocked that Google wanted out.

Stephanie Theadore's tweet about confronting some parents who were letting their kids climb on a Judd stack at the Tate Modern is getting its fifteen minutes

iPad, iPhone trix