colbert tapped for late night replacement. seems like a wise move for all concerned and not just because i guessed at it years ago. i have no doubt he can handle the entertainment side of the job, i just hope he can bring some of the smarts with him. be a shame if he is completely deracinated from what made him great, not that he sees race. i wonder if jon oliver is rueing that hbo gig at the moment as that 1130 slot just opened after the daily show. probably not.

A couple weeks back I got into a conversation with a dude who worked the snack counter at a movie theater. He was mentioning that some Christians had given him a hard time for merely being associated with the un-Biblical retelling of Noah's story. He added that he thought is was an awesome movie -- massive fountains springing from the earth, stone giants, ... 

Wait. Hold on one moment there. Did I hear "stone giants"? I may have been on the fence about seeing the flick, but stone mother fucking giants? Dude!

Back on the topic of the Christian approbation, I threw in my two cents that while it may be inconsistent with the Bible, the Bible, in turn, is inconsistent with the Epic of Gilgamesh. So they're both do overs. And the Bible doesn't even get the shape of the boat right. It's round, like a modern life raft. If you don't have a source of power, why would you have a long, skinny boat that could be turned sideways and rolled over by the waves? Those Babylonians were no dummies.

Anyway, expressed in the language of comic book literature, both the Bible story of Noah's flood and the current movie are retcons. And I think this is what has gotten the literalist Christian's panties twisted. It's not just the fact that Hollywood took liberties with their story. Whether or not the biblical literalists are aware of the concept of retcons, I think they are aware of the danger of their book being just so much fodder for story telling, like The Sleeping Beauty or The Amazing Spiderman.

Some would argue that there is nothing new with using this technique in mythology. Many aspects of the Abrahamic religions can be described using analogies to super hero stories.

I don't eat many burgers, but if I lived in nyc , i would head here. Yumm!

Steve Rockwell and Katia Santibanez
Bruce Pearson

Don't like 'em as a child, try 'em as an adult

Inside Amy Schuuuuuuumer?
"It's getting clearer."

If you're looking for a movie with a lot of gatling guns, Cap'n America delivers.

No industrial beer. Plenty of organic alternatives available on your grocers shelves.

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just got my dish reinstalled after six months without and i cant tell if i just got ripped off or got a good deal from the repairdude. i guess thats the sign of a good con. it was only 20 bucks so its no big deal and if he wasnt lying he saved me 50 but i wouldnt be surprised if i still got billed for the damaged part they replaced (because it was mishandled unnecessarily by the contractors who worked on building),  that is if it was even replaced at all. im afraid to go look although im not sure i would even recognize if it was replaced. oh well, at least i can watch the game of thrones premiere tomorrow without issue.

LOVED this last nite

Duck, Duck, Goose

somehow i missed out on spy magazine in its heyday. (its not like i was reading the new yorker all that much either.) looks like google books has them all available to see what all the fuss was about.


Alibis: Sigmar Polke 1963–2010

April 19–August 3, 2014 MoMa

i get some weird free standard def movie channel over broadcast tv with the crappy digital hd antenna i bought a few months back. (im getting my satellite reconnected tomorrow after six months without. they made me an offer i couldnt refuse that being pay us exactly how much we want.) and though i just saw the last couple of minutes of this it certainly caught my attention. how have i never heard of the magic christian other than its probably not very good?

someone want to bullet point this for me? lucas, maybe? youre a big boy now.

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