RIP Margot Adler central park enthusiast
90 min no-soak beans

anyone read asimov's lucky starr series written under the name paul french? written for young readers.

the greatest artist in the whole wide world - Edgar Oliver for the Paris Review

Racines NY

about two squares

this will not end well. will ferrell and friends to mount a big screen version of 80s schlock tv show manimal.

on human shielding

and its signs.

challenge accepted! (not really.)

BBQ 30 best
Lynette Jackson

My first Secreto

Oregon haelnut fed

Was told to high heat roast it, serve med rare.....

I grilled it medium, delish but I am gonna try it again as they suggested...

streaming art docs including music
tesla model 3 / $35k
How too: oil drum BBQ
ketchup, a love story
the girl on a motorcycle on Netflix

Marrianne faithful. Pretty bad movie but visually entertaining cinematically.

JULY 10, 2014

as "everyone" knows lebron james has opted out of his miami heat contract and is at present exploring his options. most expect he will resign with the heat and did so to cajole his teammates to opt out as well so they could free up some salary cap space to upgrade their roster. but as time has passed there are some rumblings that he could return to cleveland and the ohio of his youth to help them seek a championship.

but nate silver has crunched the numbers and offers a few other suggestions if lebron is hunting championships to add to his all-time bona fides.

german team has daily yoga practice

Schwarcz's work is filled with thoughtful, original analysis, and is characterized by an unusual fearlessness. (Unusual, that is, for a subject so complicated). Reading her is a revelation; it turns out there is a real place hiding under that avalanche of clichés. If you've ever wondered how crushing racism can flourish in a country where, apparently, race itself has been crushed, consider that everything Brazil is defined by—from its "we are all mixed" anthem, to feijoada, capoeira, and candomblé, right down to samba and soccer—is the result of an insidious, revisionist, far-sighted political maneuver of the 1930s, courtesy the combined skills of popular intellectual Gilberto Freyre and populist dictator Getúlio Vargas. The battered body of slave culture was abducted by national culture in order to renew white culture.