Soy Cuba
Hear Roland Barthes Present His 40-Hour Course, La Préparation du roman, in French (1978-80)

so, this was a thing & so was cheryl stoppelmoor.

RIP Margot Adler central park enthusiast
90 min no-soak beans

anyone read asimov's lucky starr series written under the name paul french? written for young readers.

the greatest artist in the whole wide world - Edgar Oliver for the Paris Review

Racines NY

about two squares

this will not end well. will ferrell and friends to mount a big screen version of 80s schlock tv show manimal.

on human shielding

and its signs.

challenge accepted! (not really.)

BBQ 30 best
Lynette Jackson

My first Secreto

Oregon haelnut fed

Was told to high heat roast it, serve med rare.....

I grilled it medium, delish but I am gonna try it again as they suggested...

streaming art docs including music
tesla model 3 / $35k
How too: oil drum BBQ
ketchup, a love story
the girl on a motorcycle on Netflix

Marrianne faithful. Pretty bad movie but visually entertaining cinematically.