Where can I get fancy mushrooms in NYC?

Pier Vittorio Aureli to Exhibit 30 ‘Non-Compositional’ Drawings in London


might go in for this one tonight on espn at 9 -- playing for the mob -- a 30 for 30 documentary about a point shaving scandal at boston college in the 80s. apparently the ray liotta character from goodfellas was involved and liotta does the narration.

not a big horror fan but id like to imagine david cronenberg brought something unique to the genre beyond splatter. saw the brood among his credits when i was looking up his imdb page while watching his latest maps of the stars and just saw that it was playing this month on showtime. penciled it in for mid-month but caught a few moments while waiting for the homeland season 4 premiere to start which i missed the first run of last night.

This almost got by me: TCM has the Cartoons of Winsor McCay tonight at 8:00

http://www.kasasushiboulder.com/ very very worthy sushi in Boulder, CO....mom of the owner owns 3 restaurants in Japan and fly's in the fish....hamachi belly was grand cru

have a cuppa tea

i had never heard of thief, the directorial debut from michael mann, but the maker of the movie drive certainly had. ive never been a huge fan of mann but his style is undeniable. to be honest i didnt make it past the midway point of the movie but that had more to do with my discomfort sitting on the couch than a dislike of the content.

if you are not tired of period gangster anti-heroes, theres one in a newish british drama set in 1919 birmingham called peaky blinders. ive only watched the first episode but im bullish at the moment. the first season is available on netflix while the second one just got underway.

Louisiana is disappearing.

pepper pot with shellfish and squash / RIP : Fritz Blank

Yes, they do make replacement Le Creuset casserole handles.

how goldman controls the fed...

Savory kale bacon biscuits

its your big day, bill. only 17 hours left to buy the complete mary hartman, mary hartman series for $87.

"What ensued was the joint highest-scoring penalty shootout in League Football history. At one point, 20 straight shots were converted. Both goalkeepers were forced to shoot (both scored) before the teams came full circle to the top of the order. Finally in the 15th round, Albert Adomah missed wide to the goalkeeper’s left, ending the epic shootout with Liverpool surviving another day."

pretty farking black!
tincan London