Taschen has released a titillating title called Psychedelic Sex written and compiled by Yippie co-founder and Realist publisher Paul Krassner with self-proclaimed obsessive collector, Eric Gotland. The racy retro collection is edited by Dian Hanson whose job title at Taschen appears actually to be “Sexy Book Editor.” Nice! Hanson produced a ton of men’s magazines from Juggs to Legshow between 1976 and 2001 and is also responsible for other Taschen titles like The Little Book of Big Penis and The Big Butt Book 3D, so obviously you might want to get your hands on Psychadelic Sex. The addition of Paul Krassner’s penchant for countercultural hilarity makes this kind of a must have in my humble opinion.
fires of new York

i think there is some snl 40th anniversary thing on sunday. seems like every year they find something to "celebrate."

simultaneous contrast

 five arguments for the elimination of television

Lincoln highway

House of Cards Season 3 was apparently up on Netflix for awhile today a few weeks ahead of time. I think it's down now, but it's on the torrent sites.

i like everyone in this so i hope its a little better than the trailer would leave me to believe. lebron james actually seems more than competent as "black male friend of romantic lead" although he is playing himself.

imagined this was a few years out. end of an era.

politician chooses political expediency over conviction. but first, dog bites man.

We are a couple episodes into The Honourable Woman:

The Honourable Woman is a 2014 British politicalspy thriller television miniseries in eight parts, directed and written by Hugo Blickfor the BBC and SundanceTV. Featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal in the title role

Pretty good so far. Has this come up before? 

enjoying a new british sitcom called catastrophe. will soon be streaming on amazon. its a somewhat less zany version of youre the worst (which i still recommend) but instead of 30 ish couple with a british male lead falling for an american woman in la, this has a 40 ish couple with an american male hooking up with an irish woman in london.

Rothko Harvard murals

Anyone have any experience with Verizon FIOS?

media mags

kind of interested to watch sunday night on espn (or one of their channels) a new 30 for 30 documentary about the 1980 russian olympic hockey team.

today's the day for birthdays

have no idea if this will be schitt but eugene levy, catherine o'hara and chris elliott will have me tuning in at least once.

terminal bar / across from port authority

the two escobars


Buoy has signed an online distribution deal with Vyerfilms a curated subscription service which showcases independent films from around the world.

Filmmakers get 70% of the revenue, currently the highest share of all VOD services, so this is a real financial oppurtunity... that is, assuming people don't take advantage of the watch for free option. Oh well, just glad it's getting out there a little.

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