The American Dreamer

plant identification app. like Shazam, but for plants not songs.

Norfolk St synagogue blaze

Happy Mothers Day

If it is true that wine only gets better with age, then some of the very best wine in the world is hiding beneath the Hôpital civil in Strasbourg. In a 600-year-old wine cellar under the hospital is a barrel marked 1472, believed to be the oldest wine barrel in the world.

Peter! I can see your house from here!!

Do I want FIOS?

quick! everybody to Canada for dirty martini's

Pasta donuts. Because why not. Check out the menu.

reissued famous T

WikiTribune is a new journalism project from wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Tis the season to be jolly.....



Chris Elliott as Paul Shaffer on Late Night, March 25, 1987

pretty sure Elliot Smith would have hated this

Wish I could stop watching amaz0n's shitty Man in the High Castle. The most likeable character is a Nazi and I don't think the writers and producers intend it to be that way. Death to the resistance.

Pono Farm's lean cuisine....