Happy 4th

first bag of books donated. pickles received in trade.

17000 menus from the nypl

Work wear

I am gonna have to delete my name from Rago........i bid on this and lost in the end thankfully.........i need the money for CCC (cocaine, college, concerts) not art

cool piece 1928!!


trying to pare down my books. if you have endless amounts of space then why bother but i have neither that nor the apparent capacity to read. fortunately a used bookstore opened down the block mid-pandemic. the girl must have money and time to burn but if you like books it looks like a fun endeavor. she just has a desk in their and probably does a lot of reading and book chatting. i get it. 

so i asked if she took donations because i just want to get rid of them at this point and putting them in a box outside doesnt mean theyll necessarily find a good home. there is a little share a book kiosk, very little, up on rivington but thats has provided me with much joy and this is about me, of course. also, just a pain in the ass to remember to grab a couple of books should i be heading out in that direction.

*bathroom break*

ahhh, is this still going?

pickles. she trades books for pickles. im curious to see if the books are evaluated or its just a thanks for making the effort sort of deal. 

ill keep you posted.

nadal - djokovic french open semi on nbc now. nadal just took first set.

Simon's Drive-In Café, Wilshire and Fairfax, 1939

Got me a bunch of radishes. Gonna make some radish butter

feels like 99 here. time for my yearly phoenix weather report.

watching a little suns - nuggets nba playoffs. the other western match is clippers - jazz. between them the suns and jazz have been to the finals twice. the other two never. noticed in the 73 year history how few teams really get to compete for the championship.

the lakers have 32 finals appearances composing nearly half of the western finals berths. the celtics have 21 appearances. warriors 11. sixers 9. knicks 8. pistons 7. bulls 6. spurs 6. 

half the league, 15 teams, have been to two or fewer finals. 6 teams not at all. no team from the west that remains has won and the nets who despite having their third star hobbled still seem like the favorites in the east are also two time losers. so high probability a new team will raise their first championship banner this year.

high on the hog

for the birds

i like this......actual size is 8 feet by 4+ feet



anyone experience this type of place?

watched both seasons of for all mankind on apple+. seems like your run of the mill 60s space drama but theyve added a nice twist. decent mix of space exploration with workplace/domestic drama. they kind of give it away in the trailer though its revealed in episode 1 so...?


early 70s van nuys blvd

I like this.....

Some visitors today

Old friend of ours, beautiful show nice review Alex Hay

JJ body parts

never knew why the rangers were named that. 

George Lewis "Tex" Rickard, president of Madison Square Garden, was awarded an NHL franchise for the 1926–27 season to compete with the now-defunct New York Americans, who had begun play at the Garden the previous season. The Americans (also known as the "Amerks") proved to be an even greater success than expected during their inaugural season, leading Rickard to pursue a second team for the Garden despite promising the Amerks that they were going to be the only hockey team to play there.[5] The new team was quickly nicknamed "Tex's Rangers".