looks like i have to cancell my grand idea of going to providence for the first butthole usa show in 5 years which was a place i could get backstage and hook up with the band, nyc more tough--jim just more proff the WPFT is fading:>)!!
I was afraid that the president might order the Butthole Surfers tour canceled. Not for any specific reason, but because itís just not the sort of thing America needs at the moment...
They always have at least one intolerable song on each album, and this time itís Jet Fighter. Rendered timely by recent events, itís a sort of Sky Pilot turned inside out for the new war. If they have any sense of propriety they wonít be playing it live.

Jet Fighter

Jet fighters never die...

Mikey was a little boy he loved to watch the clouds
He was born to fly
Mikey joined the navy his father was quite proud
Mother never wanted it that way
He got into the cockpit and rose up in the sky
Set his sights on Beirut then he let his missiles fly

Boom boom

Jet fighters never die
I donít know but Iíve been told
Itís been said that god is dead
Jet fighters never cry
Jet fighters never die

The general smoked a Cuban blunt hand rolled by the Reds
Then he poured a glass of scotch and tallied up the dead...

The fighter banked into the night then he caught a SAM
He rose up into heaven with Jesus in his hand
Scenery was so beautiful could not believe his eyes
Then he spotted John Wayne he knew he had arrived
Jesus interrupted him he had something to tell
They had to speak with Allah and he sent them both to Hell

Boom boom
Fire Paul Wolfowitz
Bum rush for return to Irony
Ironic Times
Diti Almog has an opening tonight as well. 526 W. 26th (btw. 10th and 11th) room 310. From 6 to 8. Alex Steve (MB?) and I are going to hit this after Gavin's.
"Sherman, set the wayback machine to January 1st 1997."
New York anthrax case confirmed
An NBC employee in New York has tested postive for anthrax, network officials have told CNN. Details soon -
"anthrax is not cool anymore. we're changing our name to ebola."
Ode to the Middle of Nowhere

What is it about Central Asia?
From the so-called Aryans, to the Huns and the Hordes, not to mention Timur the Iron Limper; there's always some threat to civilization issuing from this inhospitable zone. Alexander the Great turned back there, along with Kipling's Britain (check the last verse). I can see why people want to leave, but what are they doing there to begin with? History's losers, forced beyond the margins, until they've grown as hard as the country? We're talking about people whose favorite sport involves a bunch of guys on horseback and a goat carcass. People expect the world to end in the Middle East, but I say keep your eye on Central Asia. Maybe we should ask Pynchon about it.

Anyway, the point I'm getting to is that the area provides the perfect name for the current military campaign. This has been a problem, as Operation Infinite Justice was dumped, supposedly in deference to our Moslem friends. Actually, it's got a ring to it, and will likely turn up as the title of a Schwarzenneger movie next year. Enduring Freedom, or whatever it is now, is no good. Clumsy, and whose freedom are we talking about? And forget Muslims, it ought to be objectionable to Christians. Doesn't the Bible teach that the works of man are passing, and only God endures? As far as I know, heaven is not a democracy.

I'm proposing Operation Baluchitherium, named after the largest land mammal ever to walk the earth. Imposing animals have a long tradition as totems and military mascots. I think a giant, extinct, hornless rhinoceros makes a fine symbol for our present deployment. And where's it from? You guessed it; Central Asia.
What is it with that place?
Our office building at 26 Federal Plaza was just evacuated. One of my clerks said he heard banging noises and then saw people running from the building. I looked into the hall and saw the staff of the security office next door running out. No PA announcement, no evidence of standard fire-drill type emergency procedures. It turned out to be noise from some construction equipment. They let us back in after about twenty minutes, and made an announcement that construction noises on the 14th floor may be ongoing. Didn't tell us how to distinguish between construction and terror noises. People are a bit edgy around here.
Ben Shahn The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti
Daniel Levine sent me the following, lifted from a chatboard:

i was at a rave last night in toronto, and saw a 20 year old kid get stabbed to death. today i spent the entire day in bed listening to american water. davids voice is very soothing.

Where was it? I didn't hear this on the news. I thought all ravers are high on ecstasy and are non-violent.

obviously not. someone is dead.

I saw this on the news as well. Said they kept the rave going so that the pigs could gather more info from the crowd. Rumour had something to do with a pool of blood left unmopped for quite sometime while the pigs asked questions... I live near Toronto...

you all type as though the kid wasn't suppose to die

rave + toronto + 20 year-olds.
how could there not be a stabbing with these ingredients.

when i was twenty, we raved to sound and drugs, not to violence and death.

gee thats great. when i was twenty i watched some dude (about 20) get the bottom of his pant caught in his bike chain on the way to a rave.

thats fuckin funny, about the bike

WWMD: What Would MacGyver Do?
snake-eaters v snakes eating
now if only the rest of america didnt have to hear him.......
Another pal, Gavin (Steve - can you help with a last name and more info?) has a piece in a group show at Rare (435 w. 14th) from October 6 through November 3. I will try to hit the opening this friday night (10/12) between 6:00 and 8:00.
Our pal Matthew McCaslin has a show opening this Saturday, 10/13, at Sandra Gering, 534 West 22nd St, 6 to 8. Love that structural schwebe.
Random bird story for Alex: American oriole wings its way across Atlantic to Baltimore, Ireland
This item is in Slate's "Today's Papers" feature for 10/9/01. I can't find reference to it elsewhere. Are there any more details? It sounds like a major story if it's true.

"USAT fronts and everybody else stuffs word that yesterday a man broke into the cockpit of a Los Angeles to Chicago airliner. After a struggle during which the plane rocked violently, the man was subdued by passengers and, escorted by Air Force fighters, the aircraft then made a safe landing in Chicago."

Cassavetes on Cassavetes
It's chili in Terlingua TX
From the L.A. Times (link via liberalartsmafia)
Winding up a speech, Bush said America will be tough and resolute to defeat terrorists so future generations can live in peace. "And there is no doubt in my mind, not one doubt in my mind, that we will fail," the president said.
Can't they get some animatronics or something so this guy doesn't have to speak for himself in public?