9th street bakery must leave in June
wild water

find a spring
fulop over healy jersey city mayor race

this is a big win over Hudson county democratic machine politics
buycott app

abandoned pod houses, 1970s taiwan

B & H Dairy 2nd ave
Clementine hunter
Portland Or home of velvet painting museum. love the black light room. (closed. Moved to so-cal)
afrofuturism book

advice from my twitter feed:

Some of the non-Game Of Thrones book readers who are naming their daughters Arya may regret that down the road: http://bit.ly/13efvD2 

9 minutes and 18 seconds of vertigo: footage from a camera strapped to the final segment of spire as it is hoisted into place atop WTC 1

RIP TAYLOR MEAD / dead at 88

the worst room

r crumb

wrong way to put out a fire

mobile pizza joint

Excited to see the Noguchi exhibit today, the weather is unseasonably perfect.

Might come in handy one day: best entrance to the Louvre.

big coverage of Maitripa College in tomorrow's Oregonian. nice photos.

southern comfort

scroll down for wylie dufresne and grant achatz enjoy liquid nitrogen food fights. quite a likeness.

Sherman Alexie on Jason Collins

Max's footage
Elisabeth Condon

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