Wildwood has been picked as the Brown Wheeler Thanksgiving Restaurant....this dining out might become our new tradition......had a smoking great meal at Wildwood last month.....the old guard is the new guard!!

You guys know anything about Sam Maloof?

who could ever get tired of talkin' risotto? (nytimes*)

*im gonna mark these as such when i remember so if you dont want to waste your free access to the times....

anyone familiar with the work of Adrian Ghenie?


like brand

Art of the Automobile

see Blank city

if you go by this film the 70's-80's ev scene was populated by more film makers than punk rockers. Lots of familiar faces and voices here out of our not-so distant past. On net flix. Recommended!
Kale, parmesan, pine nuts, currants, olive oil, lemon, salt. The key is cutting the kale very fine. I do some de-stemming first, and then roll the leaves into kale cigars. This makes it easier to chop. Then I put them in a bowl with some lemon juice and let it sit for a while. Not sure if that really works or not but the idea is that it softens up the raw kale a little more. Toast the pine nuts. Microplane parmesan. I just wing the proportions, but it's pretty easy if you just keep tasting. I use currants because they are small, but if I can't find them I just use regular raisons and chop them up a bit.

Just another normal incident in Oregon

oh, and i guess there was an election...

classics online

Famed Chef Charlie Trotter Dies At 54 (linda emailed me)

I was just in Chicago with people that worked for him, other that knew him, etc

It did not end well on many fronts they said, this could be the !

Wish I had tasted his veggie menu.....we love his book(s)

this looked like some quality bread and pastries in the flat iron but i had just bought some bready products so i didnt stop in. crappy website though for window shopping.

This made me smile this morning. 

this house sadly not on the market, but was $310k

Fukushima contamination of the Pacific?

via Justin fb

just moments ago heard about this show but seems like its worth a look, although it is subtitled and i am a lazy american. but, hey, the french know their supernatural thrillers, right? its true, i have no idea. but i love that genre!! oh wait, not really. hmmm.

cal schenkel

see link for online catalog
sabotage works

oh crap, we lost another hour of daylight? we should never fall back as far as im concerned. and, clearly, i am concerned.