anybody want to give this meme a go? im working on mine.
You have to explain America to someone from not here, but you can only use ten movies to do it. Which ten do you choose?

(Now, these do not have to be history movies, they can illustrate something unique about American values or character or “the American experience”.)

Not sure if it's art, but it makes for a pretty cool paint job: Notes on the Denial of Perspective 02 - Felice Varini.
new flip this house on a and e now
"The first push to delve into the mystery of beer flavor occurred in the mid-1970s, when a team of flavor chemists from 40 countries identified 800 chemical compounds in the beverage. These compounds—some individually, most in combination—contribute nearly 125 distinct flavors to beer. Brewers use the word flavor broadly, to include tastes, odors, and mouthfeel."
beer pairing with food.
burger blogging
some people were unfamiliar with beer pong. now youre too familiar.
tasting menu: focused on food
ratebeers best
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frappr - group mapping utility
portland Or brewpub scene
nobu 57
the magnificent seven on thirteen now
Until now, it had been widely assumed by geneticists that the Ashkenazi communities of Northern and Central Europe were founded by men who came from the Middle East, perhaps as traders, and by the women from each local population whom they took as wives and converted to Judaism.

But the new study, published online this week in The American Journal of Human Genetics, suggests that the men and their wives migrated to Europe together.
schrager on bond st.
Couple weeks old, but it made me laugh out loud again today, so in case anyone missed it: The Chronic (what?) cles of Narnia SNL rap skit.
I don't know about the music but I think this is a really cool video world webcam collage type thing.
Danish artists’ group Parallel Action attempted to culturally hijack Guantanamo Bay last month with the aid of a ghettoblaster and a recording of Beethoven’s Third Symphony.
Opaque (dining in the dark)

miyazaki thursdays on tcm in january. first dubbed in english, later sub-titled.
Flying to the windy city today. Allegedly on the itenary is a stop at Berghoff's, which is closing it's doors in February. What's the opposite of nouvelle cuisine? I'm guessing it will be similar to the heavy, pickled/cured German-American food I've had in south-central Texas.
wow, not only did wd~50 make the #4 slot for best of ny per ny mag, but #1 best value for its tasting menu......justice is served!!!!

skinny -- The level of detail is stunning. You can almost make out the lunar dune buggies rovers.