did hell just warm over?

We haz ur kitteh.
mama obama on colbert

another timely tome from kevin phillips.
saxelby cheesemonger blog (essex st market)
Just in case: How to butcherachicken.blogspot.com. I had to use a few of these steps recently (just getting the neck off really.) All 11 steps linked in the right hand column. Great guide.
oldest tree?

hes dead, jim!

the xxx extremely hot! warning on the label is no joke. i guess it's good if you like your mouth to burn. i add a tiny amount of this stuff to a (mild) salsa i really like and it's still fiery.
Flickr is now allowing for videos to be uploaded, but the max length can only be 90 seconds and they are calling them "long photos". Here's some thoughts on the form that might possibly be of interest to you animated gifers. Are short loops more like photos than video?
colbert on larry king tonight.
i saw a beautiful table made from reclaimed bowling lanes at the brooklyn flea market this weekend.
Alzheimer hope?
But five minutes after being injected with etanercept according to the film which was supplied and edited by the clinic he greets his wife. Visibly shocked, she says he has not recognised her for years. Mr Miller then hugs her.
"On the surface these results are exciting but we need to treat the study with caution," she [Suzanne Sorenson, head of research at the Alzheimer's Society] said. "There are large gaps in the research, which used a small pilot group. We cannot draw conclusions until a controlled trial is carried out."
how to grow tomatoes. scroll down for growing in pots, city people. i am going to try it out this year along with strawberries and basil.
I can't find a complete transcript anywhere, but in yesterday's Senate Foreign Affairs hearing with the General and the Ambassador, one senator nailed it with his framing. Might have been Feingold, but I didn't recognize the voice. He turned around the opening statement of the shill general, something along the lines of "a struggle for power and resources among sectarian and ethnic factions". Is this something America should be sending it's children to die for? And he wouldn't let them squirm away, using specifics to put the question right back in front of them when they tried to dodge. If middle America could drop the "rag head terra-ist" image for just one moment, and see the occupation in the way that senator framed it, I think they might, you know, think.
lali, baby born with 2 faces in india
another tough decision about the proper department to post this. but since its been awhile since ive made a bacon post..... heres meatscapes.
Golf Trivia Game. Pretty fun, I stunk, got par, going to the clubhouse for a drink.
Charlton Heston's guns now available
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netflix: the knack...

cable: le proceses
Here's an article on my friend's who have always had some great ideas
richard price interview on lenny lopate from the other day. i love listening to him speak. he was also at union square b&n, did anyone go? i went to see him read from, must have been clockers, years ago down near battery park or somewhere on the water downtown and he called martin amis a midget.
Given the roots of this program, one would have to call this lapse ... um ... what's the word? ... ironic?
mike wallace interviews from the fifties archived online including gloria swanson, frank lloyd wright and eleanor roosevelt among others .