Alex, do you think this a real picture of an owl in flight? Pretty cool if so.
the man who planted trees. gorgeous animation. beautiful story. so far only seen disc 1.
from Joe Dressner:

We are doing a benefit for Haiti this Saturday at Chambers Street from 4 pm.

We are going to be tasting wines from our portfolio, Kermits, Skurniks, Bowler and Polaner.

We're asking for a $10.00 minimum contribution to Partners in Health --

Chambers, Polaner and Louis/Dressner will match donations.

This has all been called together hastily but the circumstances require moving quickly.
For those who may have deleted my rarely updated page from the roster:

The wheels of science turn slowly, but the NY State Ornithological Association has finally gotten back issues of The Kingbird online, including 2007 #4 which includes my article on Brooklyn’s Western Reef-Heron. See page 6 and 29 of the pdf.
More on Calvert Vaux Park here; the species list is now over 200.
world's strongest man killed by a van in our neighborhood yesterday.
280 to 180

Doctor: This is the 2nd test and your still too high, its time for lipator
Skinny: Doctor, I have been thru this before, my levels are always in flux, give me a couple liver flushes and it will be fine
Doctor: I dont believe in that stuff

6 months later

Skinny: So hows my cholesterol
Doctor: Amazing, what did you do
Skinny: Nothing
Doctor: Than the tests are wrong
Skinny: Well I did 3 liver flushes
Doctor: Your a poster boy but I still cant believe

this is the 2nd doc that cant open up, first was 300+ once and flushed it to 160

the liver flush is 1000+ year old, lipator turns 13 this year
shit my dad says
what's your type?
trunk show
Guiding Principles - Michael Pollan shares some of his rules for eating wisely in the New Year.
shit. just noticed this longshot candidate for dodds senate seat was a friend of mine for a couple of years at college.
RIP Kenneth Noland.

"When he was good, he was excellent" - are obits really the place for critics to get in their final digs? (Roberta Smith on Noland)

"Perhaps to his detriment, Mr. Noland was ardently loyal to his formalist principles" (another unelaborated Smith stab)

preliminary obit (presumably full libeling of the deceased to follow)

(edited to be less partisan-seeming--I think it is possible to like Noland without subscribing to any "formalist principles"--in fact I doubt he had them)
Jersey, FTW.
top ten ny 2009 in no order
sadly or not i dont try a lot of new places
Marlow & Sons
Trestle on Tenth
Locanda Vini Olii
Gramercy Tavern
Bar Masa
Great show in Veracruz when we were there "Magia y Hechiceria"

Its all one Italians collection and spans 100's of years , one piece is a mummied mermaid inc the programs when she showed alive in Rome in the mid 1800's.
I'm sure this is conventional wisdom by now, but from a visual perspective Avatar 3D IMAX in 2010 = Star Wars in 1977.

The top three game changers for me were Star Wars, Terminator 2, and Avatar. I can't comment on King Kong, but I've heard that was a biggie too.
Pain Beam being developed by US military-industrial complex. Much consternation ensues. Imagine the following in the Comic Book Guy's voice:
@nikola: First off, it's not our government, but our private sector. This comes from Raytheon, and despite that they're heavily intertwined with our military, they are not (YET) our military.
Second, I would prefer the perception of being set on fire to ACTUALLY being set on fire.
A machine capable of torturing on a massive scale? Somewhere Dick Cheney is smiling.
Chateau Duhart Milon 1985 150 ml for dinner. Interesting older wine.
The Manhattan Bridge, which turns 100 on December 31, flexes under the weight of a subway train in a time-lapse video taken in July of this year.

via Iver
Bucks County Varied Thrush.
Time lapse of the snow storm in Brooklyn