Rejected from Sundance and Berlin but imdb did bestow us a page so I guess that's something.
New species of lizard found in Vietnam - on restaurant menu

By Rob Waugh

An entirely new species of lizard was found by accident by researchers in Vietnam - who happened to spot the creature on a restaurant menu.

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My friend Ed is setting up a craft brewery in bangalore and now blogging about it. here
A little slow on the uptake but I've recently just seen the final 3rd of the lord of the rings trilogy. Didn't care for number two but very pleased with the project in general. I read the hobbit in 1971 but couldn't make it through book one of Lotr. Now looking forward to the hobit this time next year. here. anyone remember hobbit the animated feature? About as bad as fritz the cat!
homeland wrapped up its excellent inaugural season last night. a sharp-thinking viewer uncovered an analogous tale.
the ghost mother.
after seeing that havel died earlier i wondered who would finish up the troika. sadly it was not dick cheney but its close.
love making chicken stew's (with bones) leftovers2

Done and done.
Re-reading slacker here
Sous Vide
sun spray
occasionally right, often entertaining, usually drunk... rip, christopher hitchens.
Dvr alert: goldstein on Tcm 4:45 am here

TCM has the Alistair Sim version of A Christmas Carol tonight at 8:00. Widely regarded as the best film version of the classic conversion story, I haven’t seen it in the last few years though it had been shown regularly on local stations as “Scrooge” not too long ago. Not sure how the licensing works, but glad it’s back and on TCM where it belongs. Meanwhile they’ve had repeated showings of the 1938 Hollywood version with Reginald Owen which I remember from childhood but hadn’t seen in years until I got cable. It’s not bad, but seeing it again I was struck by its emphasis on religion in contrast to the British film’s harsher depiction of the corrupt heartlessness of business, i.e. capitalism.
Like a virgin. Olive oil that is... here
Wolf stove won't simmer here
Cosby sweater project here

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1,650 year-old wine