And the Caucasus—a region loosely encompassing Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ossetia, and Ingushetia—has always occupied a mystical place in Russian literature. It is a region of rough natural beauty but also the place of exile, where those who ran afoul of the tsar were sent to ponder their fealty to the empire. A place to conquer but also a place before which to stand in awe. If Russia has a cultural subconscious, it lies east of the Don River.

"The Oldest known musical melody performed by the very talented Michael Levy on the Lyre. This ancient musical fragment dates back to 1400 B.C.E. and was discovered in the 1950's in Ugarit, Syria."

Noticed this yesterday. Citi Bike. $95/year for unlimited 45 minute rides. After 45 minutes it's "$2.50 for the next half hour, $6.50 for the next half hour, and $9 for every half hour after that. A trip begins when a bike is unlocked and ends when the bike is securely returned to any Citi Bike station." Looks like a ton of stations.

someone here can be extra proud of their alma mater.


Only two states, South Carolina and Nevada, require purchasers of ammonium nitrate fertilizer to produce identification. But the Fertilizer Institute, an industry trade group, has asked vendors to request ID voluntarily and to report any suspicious buyers to a hot line. TFI's pamphlet on the topic, titled "America's Security Begins With You," warns fertilizer salesmen to be wary of anyone paying with cash or who "avoids eye contact."

video footage of explosion near waco taken from a car at some distance. as the disclaimer stated, not for the faint of heart as a child in the car has hearing damaged from the blast.

patton oswalt goes on an eight minute screed about a star wars/marvel mash-up during a cameo on parks and rec. only a few seconds will be in the show but they posted the entire thing online. be prepared for a nerdmeltdown.

Maitripa College and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are honored to announce that as part of the visit of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to Portland, Oregon, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will give a special musical performance May 11th at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum. 

my 14th row ticket just got a lot more exciting! sorry skinny.



russell brand on thatcherdom. between this a patton oswalts thoughful words after the boston bombing, its been a good month for "comedians." 

Perhaps, though, Thatcher "the monster" didn't die yesterday from a stroke, perhaps that Thatcher died as she sobbed self-pitying tears as she was driven, defeated, from Downing Street, ousted by her own party. By then, 1990, I was 15, adolescent and instinctively anti-establishment enough to regard her disdainfully. I'd unthinkingly imbibed enough doctrine to know that, troubled as I was, there was little point looking elsewhere for support. I was on my own. We are all on our own. Norman Tebbit, one of Thatcher's acolytes and fellow "Munsters evacuee", said when the National Union of Mineworkers eventually succumbed to the military onslaught and starvation over which she presided: "We didn't just break the strike, we broke the spell." The spell he was referring to is the unseen bond that connects us all and prevents us from being subjugated by tyranny. The spell of community.

Hunderby is a gothic farce. A historical comedy that doesn't invite much laughter. A gruesome, scatological, period-sitcom homage to Daphne du Maurier that is unlike anything else on television.
forget Foucault?

berkeley lectures in English
So what do you do? Finish the race (after the explosion), don't finish the race?

Patriots day. Tax day. Boston. Sounds like homegrown separatist movement (American Revolution II) if you ask me (which you didn't.)

Devoted coupon users like Ms. Fobes may be more frugal than the typical consumer. But most shoppers, coupon collectors or not, want the thrill of getting a great deal, even if it’s an illusion. In recent months, Penney recognized that human trait and backtracked on its pricing policy, offering coupons and running weekly sales again. And it started marking up items to immediately mark them down for the appearance of a discount.

this is close to ending, few more trials one person will be jailed maybe others, but the main dude lives on in China selling fakes I bet, and it will continue

kareem would probably get suspended for two months today at least. i wonder if there was any penalty at all for this.

they're back
Illustrations from a 16th century manuscript detailing the phenomenon of Nuremberg’s Schembart Carnival, (literally “bearded-mask” carnival). Beginning in 1449, the event was popular throughout the 15th century but was ended in 1539 due to the complaints of an influential preacher named Osiander who felt that too much fun was being had at his expense. According to legend, the carnival had its roots in a dance (a “Zämertanz”) which the butchers of Nuremberg were given permission to hold by the Nuremberg City Council as a reward for their loyalty amid a crafts rebellion. Over the years the event took on a more subversive tone, evolving to let others take part with elaborate costumes displayed and a large ship on runners, known as a “Hell”, paraded through the streets. After its end, many richly illustrated manuscripts (known as “Schembartbücher”) were made detailing the carnival’s 90 year existence.

We are unsure what the flaming “artichokes” are all about, if any one has a clue do let us know in the comments!

(All images taken from a “Schembartbücher” held at the University of California, Los Angeles).

Ultra HD -- Don't know if this will happen. We may have reached the pinnacle of consumer video with HD and BluRay. That's not to say that improvements can't be made. For example, There will probably never be a mass market audio format better than the ancient CD, even though niche formats exist.

Lauder has been collecting Cubist art since 1976, and half of his collection focuses on the years 1909–14, the peak of the Cubist movement. Among the treasures in the Lauder collection is Braque’s “Fruit Dish and Glass”(1912), which is the very first Cubist paper collage — known in French as papier collé — ever created. The Museum explained:

In the summer of 1912, while vacationing with Picasso in the south of France, Braque saw imitation wood-grain wallpaper in a store window. He waited until Picasso left town before buying the faux bois paper and pasting it into a still-life composition. Braque’s decision to use mechanically printed, illusionistic wallpaper to represent the texture and color of a wooden table marked a turning point in Cubism. Braque later recounted, “After having made the papier collé ["Fruit Dish and Glass"], I felt a great shock, and it was an even greater shock for Picasso when I showed it to him.”

judge judy makes $45 million a year.

14 yo chinese amateur golfer set to play in this weekends masters. hes is the youngest player at augusta since 1865.