venice underwater

some very bad iphone photos of Lorna's luscious show

golf has a psa running during the us open to encourage quicker play on the course. what kind of a scourge must it be for them to do that, or is that the only problem they have left now that theyve conquered racism and belly putters?

hot pink slug

the irony was somewhat lost on my dentist that his story about needing to school his proctologist on bedside manner might not exactly be appropriate moments before he put his fingers in my mouth. that i gagged uncomfortably on the cotton dental rolls moments later was entirely coincidental. 

first meal at aka my bike seat was stolen. second to last meal at alias the lights on my bike were stolen. got to hand it to the scumbags on clinton street, they are nothing if not devotees of symmetry. 

genuine interest or looking for something to say?

perfect parody of girls season 38 starring laraine newman. 

"OH NO!!!...Someone just sent me an itemized list of every phone call I've made or received,the length of the conversations,and their respective points of origin! Wait,..That's my phone bill. Nevermind."

@Damon Lindelof 

If you're not watching what Tatiana Maslany is doing on ORPHAN BLACK, you're missing the single best performance on TV right now.

nyc art app

as i was riding by i just assumed there was an early hannukah sale at j & r. turns out it was a casting call for the next mel brooks zombie movie.

spoiler: the messiah did it.

nsa whistleblower outs self.

charted cheese wheel
eat wild
the madness of art
English and all that

mall rat

The Writers Guild of America on Sunday unveiled its list of the “101 Best Written TV Series of All Time,” topped by HBO’s “The Sopranos.”

An ancient limestone platform dating back to 425 B.C is the oldest wine press ever discovered on French soil.

giant rodent kills man in belarus. be careful with your ridiculous wildlife photo ops, i guess is the lesson from this one.

Brancusi filmed