Hey, Fisherman Jim, I heard about your fishing. I'll have you know you're not the only one.

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can someone tell me about john the baptist? alex? 

corn smut

The Mexican truffle!

knights vs snails

Calder mod !!!!!!!!
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scored 100 of 100
oct 2 national kale day
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shit. i have yet to meet my new downstairs neighbors but i already hate them. not only did the spend a bunch of money to make their kitchen look great but more disturbingly they are playing some bass heavy music in their living room which is below my bedroom. ive heard more music in the last hour than i have in the last 10 years. this will not end well. anybody know where i can sign up for a clog dancing class?

happy hobbit day
They cannot even agree on what to call it. There are at least five terms for kale, and the technical name, chou frisé non-pommé, translates unappetizingly as “curly headless cabbage.”
The image of the trumpeter that appeared on the front of so many Jazz at the Philharmonic albums, adverts for Clef and the JATP, the centre of 78-rpm as well as long playing records was drawn and painted by David Stone Martin – it is arguably the most iconic image in jazz.

Recent movies I like: The Way, Way Back; Short Term 12; Blue Jasmine; We're The Millers; Star Trek; Elysium; The Wolverine; The Heat; The Spectacular Now; The World's End.


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citi air

Curiosity led photographer James Friedman to cut into his collection of golf balls to see what the cores looked like. To his surprise, he discovered that each golf ball contained a unique interiority, revealing elegant formal qualities and inspiring Friedman to become more enthusiastic about the possibilities of abstraction in his photography, especially as a corollary to his documentary work. His series, entitled Interior Design, captures these surprisingly colorful and distinctive golf ball guts, displaying the inner beauty contained within their homogenized white forms. Friedman has been fascinated with photography since he took his first self-portrait at 5 years old. He does not play golf.