byggyz is still a thing.

Let me make sure I understand: you didn't like the restaurant?

dead-silent Guggenheim room / Doug Wheeler

just watched the recent release netflix original louis ck 2017. great and a big improvement over the last live show i caught.


hippie food from the '70's. its back.

someone asked me a ways back what was the best way to track tv shows. this is my goto -- sidereel

of interest to me in april:

the return of veep, the leftovers, fargo & better call saul

of slightly less interest returning:

idiotsitter, archer, fortitude

new shows i will check out:

american gods, the white princess, the handmaidens tale, guerrilla

Amazing dinner at Gregans Castle, The Burren, Ireland. 

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation cannot tell us what we need to know about Donald Trump’s contacts with Russia. Why? Because doing so would jeopardize a long-running, ultra-sensitive operation targeting mobsters tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin — and to Trump.

The Architecture of Neoliberalism

How Contemporary Architecture Became an Instrument of Control and Compliance


the san francisco diggers 

you are what you eat (whole film 1968)

RIP Angelica's kitchen

looks like wylie bailed on that fidi restaurant. opening a donut shop in williamsburg.

Pot Island still on the market.


An effort to describe the diversity of birds led to one of the first modern color systems. Published by Smithsonian ornithologist Robert Ridgway in 1886, A Nomenclature of Colors for Naturalists categorizes 186 colors alongside diagrams of birds. In 1912, Ridgway self-published an expanded version for a broader audience — Color Standards and Color Nomenclature — that included 1,115 colors. Some referenced birds, like “Warbler Green” and “Jay Blue,” while others corresponded to other elements of nature, as in “Bone Brown” and “Storm Gray.”


central park pop spots

anything to this? good for music storage?

i give it thumbs up, not great, but thumbs up

On Tuesday, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a federally funded facility outside San Francisco that focuses on nuclear research, released 63 rare, restored and declassified nuclear-test films

The films, uploaded to the lab’s YouTube account, are part of a trove of some 10,000 that have been in storage since they were originally shot between 1945 and 1962, and had been held in secure vaults since then. 

Moloney's of Jersey City / Irish meats since 1875

Planet Ludlow: Ludlow Street 1995 from Corey Shaff on Vimeo.


A 1995 tour of Ludlow St. NYC with Ronnie DeMonarco