nyt: zahavs  hummus

almost missed the champions league final due to benign neglect. on fox at 245. real madrid v. juventus.

shake shack burger recipe

Mets apologize after Mr. Met gets caught flipping the bird at a fan.

enjoying the american masters series. this season Chefs!

Another May makes its escape

Into a lifetime’s legacy of months;

Only so many to be had


A Branch of May

May contain:

Blackburnian Warbler


Summer Tanager


Yellow-billed Cuckoo


Turkey Vulture

(Not so pretty, but it has a red head.)


And keeping it in the family

Wilson’s Warbler

octopus dna not from space


fire island from above

central park photographed just before dawn

Roseanne to return 2018 with original cast including both Beckys.

The Lower East Side’s hip movie house, the Landmark Sunshine Cinema, will close when its lease expires in January 2018, The Post has learned.

The 30,000-square-foot building at 139 E. Houston St. has been sold for $31.5 million to developers East End Capital and K Property Group, which will convert it to a mixed-use development with retail and upstairs office space. The site includes 20,000 square feet of air rights.

my computer is telling me 94 degrees in the outside land. anyone confirm that anecdotally? 

this Turkish security and Kurdish protester clash video document (in DC) of the protest is somewhere inbetween opperatic and cinimatic.

The American Dreamer

plant identification app. like Shazam, but for plants not songs.

Norfolk St synagogue blaze

Happy Mothers Day

If it is true that wine only gets better with age, then some of the very best wine in the world is hiding beneath the Hôpital civil in Strasbourg. In a 600-year-old wine cellar under the hospital is a barrel marked 1472, believed to be the oldest wine barrel in the world.