doing a hs facebook deep dive may be hazardous to your health. everyone is the age my parents were when i graduated college. how is it im still 39?

Portland's antique horse ring project

BRAND NEW commodity art 80's

got four minutes before episode 2 of collateral finishes downloading. whats collateral, you say? one of the middling dramas ive scared up recently. heres a quick rundown from best to worst.

counterpart - parallel dimension spy thriller with jk simmons >> collateral - british murder mystery miniseries starring carey mulligan >> the alienist - period serial killer mystery >> endeavour >> prequel to inspector morse, period detective drama >> knightfall - pretty lame templars/ holy grail drama on history channel

maybe ill check out some middling sci-fi next. altered carbon on netflix

hey, its no the good place (finally got around to watching that) and not quite the end of the fucking world but good for a few laughs. bit like the inbetweeners except girls in ireland instead of english boys. got it? whats it called again? derry girls.

the confidence man. If they lived through this era, any newyorker worth their stuff already had this career dirtball pegged.

Kelly's Temple of Light Austin Tx.

love her work now more than ever

Your New Cursed Instant Pot

Wasn't there a Broadchurch thread?  I watched season 2 and 3.  I think 2 was better but I liked the two leads enough that I wanted more so it led me to Spies Of Warsaw.  4 episodes - I enjoyed it but I'm still trying to figure out if the climactic operation was part of the plot throughout all the episodes or just tacked on to the end of E4.

Hujar at the Morgan NYC


i dont do the stupid bowl, but i'd hit Bittman's buffalo shrimp w blue cheese

Middle Aged Lament Haiku

If only new hairs
on top of my head could sprout
like those from my ears

Mikey Likes Joy Feasley 

the virtual being

art house horror

Oregon coast earlier this week.


How '60s Verite Transformed American Cinema
An NYC retrospective and revival run spotlite how the formal advances of '60s non-fiction informed '70s fiction.

GM-C in the Bronx

control rooms

via stephen ellcock fb

bird tracks

Happy New Year everyone! This will be 19 years and counting...