black flag tv party

i never knew cloris leachman was young once.... and in the miss america pageant! she really murdered that swimsuit competition. rip.

game stoppage

RIP Cloris Leachman.

Film debut in 1955; earliest TV credits in the late '40's. Equally adept comedy or drama. Might have put her with TV, but she did win an Oscar(TM).

meet the new blue, same as the old blue.

some japanese noir for you criterion critters to go along with your wagu beef.

I wonder if we polled 1,000,000 adults what the fav food would be......bacon?

To me its BEEF, and those that have eaten at Pono Farm Soul Food with its Red Angus/Wagu cross (from Bend) know the real deal.

Portland beef scene has not had a contender since they pulled out.

I got a tip on a great farmer/rancher and drove over 2 1/2 hours R/T to try me some.

Liking this one Frances Ha, its like reality NYC TV

rip larry king, murderer of fluff interviews & columns

Is this what happens when you die, no family protecting your rights etc, and the publishing company own the rights?

rip hank aaron, murderer of baseballs. he was a moment before my time but a class act by all accounts. prove me wrong! fellow hall of famer don sutton died earlier this week too but fuck that guy.

Eclipse Series 2: The Documentaries of Louis Malle

Ordered to watch......Malle thinks his best (rewarding) works

  • Phantom India. 1969
  • Calcutta. 1969

need an excuse to buy girl scout cookies with free shipping through the weekend? it supports a troop designed for girls in nyc homeless shelters.

caught this on tcm tonight.

pretend it's a city on Netflix 

english brut

if you need a good laugh.

sounds like mcconnell is signalling that sen republicans may be ready to impeach trump. turns out their corporate donors are their real constituency after all. have to see if those rank and defile members will get back in line next election cycle.

finally broke down and got the criterion channel.....watched klute and started the president's analyst.