Why framed art on paper buckles 

The plan to stop COVID and every other airborne respiratory disease


going to do this with chicken

been watching some us open this weekend. couple 18 year old girls, one canadian, one brit are through to round of 16 and some 20 yo unknown american is battling djokovic right now. took the first set but is down a break in the second. on espn.

RIP Michael K Williams

Very sad, I was looking forward to seeing much more of his work.


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watched the first couple of episodes of the steve martin, martin short & selena gomez mystery comedy. not bad, only murders in the building on hulu.


is on criterion. Going to watch tonight

"In the big storm last week the all-time record for most rain ever recorded in a single hour was set in Central Park: 1.94" In the past hour tonight 3.10" of rain fell in Central Park."

maybe old news, i miss many posts, please no need to post when one of you beat me too it......do something better with your time......xxoo


remember that time we went to afghanistan?

ed asner

lee "scratch" perry

Crumb Newyorker cover

Last hint

Vanishing Point – As Far as Arty-B Movies Go, it is One of the Best



1971, Action, 1h 47m

AUDIENCE SCORE10,000+ Ratings

50 Years Ago: 'Vanishing Point' Brings Big Engines, Deep Themes

Vanishing Point (1971) - IMDb

Name that fim for 1000 lovevibes, above, year clue - 200, producer clue -300, stars - 100 per

Emma Kunz