turned on the mets wild card game for a second just to see the score. last time i did that was in 2015 when they were in the world series. disgusted to see they now digitally impose an ad on the pitchers mound during the games. i know there are ads on practically every visible surface but planting one on the field at the center of your frame of vision is gross. people are disgusting money grubbers. i know given the option its hard to turn down but for some there is no end to the shamelessness. basketball does it too but baseball always had its sacrosanct idea of purity which i suppose has long ago vanished.


top shelf tv news. 

CBS has set its first-ever crossover between ‘NCIS’ and its spinoffs ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ and ‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ for January 2023.

Cocktails with a curator

The Weavers

cretto  di Burri

just listened to a pod with the director, brett morgen. seems like neither a straight bio pic nor concert film but more a feast for the eyes and ears. positive reviews.

guy built a 80s video store in his basement.

werner herzog doc from 1998 about a 17 year old girl who survived a two mile fall from a plane crash into the amazon in peru. 27 years she revisits the crash and journey out of the jungle to safety. 

nowhere near as off the wall as the great, the serpent queen leans in that direction as a period drama. samantha morton as catherine de medici acts as narrator of sorts recapping past events in her life to her maid. dont know if we catch up to her present day as the season goes on or if that is the framing device. only two eps in so far.



listen to a movie podcast where they are fond of doing drafts of movies because they can banter for an hour or so while talking about a year in movies. recently they did an 80s comedy draft which was a little too broad because part of the "fun" is them stealing each others choices. with a whole decade there was no winnowing of options. no winnowing!!! 

so i thought id throw up the categories. i even added one. i know you all love to laugh and love the 80s even more.

1) blockbuster (i think thats over 75 million domestic. can find numbers at box office mojo.)

2) oscar nominated (not clear but pretty sure its for any oscar which broadens the options.)

3) action/horror

4) romantic comedy

5) teen comedy (i added this one since it was a rich era as you 80s teens can attest!)

6) wild card (that means "wild card.")

not sure what else could be added other than most overrated but ill assume you think they all are. so cant imagine a draft but you can fill in your ballot. i guess foreign could be a category or non-english but they arent very funny, are they?


easily the best dc property launched in the most recent wave.


kind of in the vein of fleabag but more irish and sharon horgan-y. actually a lot more sharon horgan-y as she co-stars. 


someone in the building tossed a crock pot and a lodge enameled dutch oven both in very good condition and i was doing laundry at the right time to grab them. made a pot roast in one or the other yesterday. today its a breakfast sandwich.

dont forget to wear your rolex at half past today

Internet Archive's movie collection. Free movies.

Watch full-length feature films, classic shorts, world culture documentaries, World War II propaganda, movie trailers, and films created in just ten hours: These options are all featured in this diverse library!

I watched a couple of Marlene Dietrich films on there, just finished the pre-code Blonde Venus co-starring Cary Grant. 

imagine being that craven.


FDNY first responder POV of 9/11

Joseph Albers Persuasive Percussion

Armin Hoffman Tangent