- advised by musicologist Brian that rich kid John Walker was big fan of emo band Race-Trader (traitor?) but I cant find anything to back it up.
tonight is Santarchy in NYC, but the big national meeting is in Austin in honor of GW
Roll another number

Neil Young inspired by Flight 93.
Take that, you cynics.
The film rights to C.S. Lewis' "seven-part fantasy book series 'The Chronicles of Narnia'" have been bought -- "with plans to develop it into a franchise, beginning with the children's classic 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'" (Hollywood Reporter).
afghan war rugs
all i will post from dinner tonight [and we would have joined you yatters at aka but we were only available late tonight] is that, aside from yet another extremely yummy meal at locanda vini et olli, en route home, wheel and the cabbie were ROCKING out to a highly caffeinated merengue band, which i am listenting to as i write b/c we somehow got the cd from rubin the driver in exchange for a slight increase in fare, sounding like a cross between salsa and polka, BLASTING from the car driving down atlantic avenue, from which there was quite a lot of hooping and hollering from rubin and wheel. needless to say we will only be taking rubin's car from now on and he has an even better cd for us next time.
Hey, I'm finally getting some Google searches coming in. And they're not all porn, though I'm not sure whether "sex pistles" is a misspelling or not.
Edits from the log include:
(Say, there could be a hot product idea in that last one.)
good dr W
i didnt think there were ostridge in argentina
it was a rheas

Rheas are the true inhabitants of the South American grasslands or pampas. Distribution in the wild is from north-eastern Brazil to central Argentina. Although conspicuous to our eyes, on the pampas, crouched, immobile, amongst the tussocky grass, they are almost invisible. Then, when something alarms them, off they go, in typical, high-stepping ostrich style, reaching speeds of 30 m.p.h., and zig-zagging this way and that, often with wings outstretched and bending to one side, then the other, at acute angles
i think Captain Wylie will be cooking for only 8 more nights at 71CFF, than its nothing public till summer 2002 i hear, time for seats at the bar next week, we did this week--YUMMY STUFF!!!
Minor league baseball's Daytona Cubs are offering a lifetime seasons pass to anyone who gets a tattoo of their logo anywhere on thier body. They'll bring you into their office, you show them the tat and they'll take your photo and make the pass right there on the spot. Once you have the pass there is no need to show your tattoo at the gate.
Bill Moyers is bitter.......
I'm trying to find some photos Bill posted a number of months ago. Pictures of men in a barn doing something strange with a chicken. As I remember it there were comments using the words "Hazing" "Frat" or "Fraternity". The advanced search on Bill's page and Treehouse has yielded nothing. What am I doing wrong?
pablo is not just painting jungle scenes only anymore:>)
OK, I know everybody's starving for bird news, so here's a little insight on the vagaries of bird watching.
The article by John R. Quinn on the origins of golf course geese (AKA "Couch potato geese" AKA "Lawn carp"), which I was discussing with Alex, has disappeared from the Web. Fortunately I printed it out, so here's a relevant excerpt:

"In his [Audubon magazine] article 'The Geese That Came in from the Wild,' Jack H. Hope says that [golf course geese] (1.2 million birds in the East alone) now outnumber true wild geese by some 50%. The local honkers have their origins not in an accident of nature, Hope says, but--are you ready for this?--through the actions of government agencies. He notes that multitudes of the 'giant' race of Canada goose were held captive in the early 20th Century by former market hunters as live hunting decoys and in the 1930s, when the practice was outlawed, were either eaten, released into the wild, or sold. 'The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, along with most state wildlife agencies... bought thousands [of captive Canada geese], primarily from private flocks, and began captive breeding programs[...],' he writes, adding that over successive generations of captivity, the semi-tame geese, when released, had lost the instinct to migrate and seldom moved more than 50 miles from their birthplace. These 'farm-raised' birds were released to augment the populations of wild geese, which were in fact in decline due to hunting and habitat loss."

--from John R. Quinn, "The Canada Goose: Too Much of a Good Thing?" Nature Notes, HMDC - The Meadowlands of New Jersey (web publication)

jim whats the possibility of a bloody dead bird on the top of this page?? another yum yum in brooklyn we ate at last week is...Al Di La Trattoria 248 5th Ave, 7187834565...need to try more but we eat every bite and had to get one dish repeet on the spot...nice wine list...."baby Lupa"....i hope to go back Tues 12/11....
according to drudge, 'It' is called 'Segway' and is a self-balancing people mover...
us NJers have to dial : 1-201- (or 973 etc.) starting today to make local calls. That means those w/ dial up modems must add the prefix to connect.
this from DD on Gibby from NYPress..........
now available in mocha
bye george.
Too late for Halloween, but maybe next year you'll want to go as a Magritte.
2 Copyright Cases Decided in Favor of Entertainment Industry