dont fear fig beer

( Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery, is the author of “The Brewmaster’s Table.”)
clockwise or counter clockwise
Broadcom unveils 3G 'phone on a chip'
Very Basic Co-location Package
this is the last of the old school italian delis in down town jersey city. 2nd street bakery

-- If he's nominated, he's a real threat. Look at the governator, for example. Is Dobson playing some kind of Kabuki so that the left doesn't worry about Rudy?
colbert on larry king now. they are using clips from the colbert show (ironic whirling graphics) and then book end them with larry king show (non ironic mega rotating mic graphics). quite an eyefull.
life imitates seinfeld II :

marty funkhouser is really bob einstein is really super dave osborne

ny mag article on lack of sleep in kids and how it can affect their ability to process memories and also increases rates of obesity.
post ambush comedy
josh marshall must have found his i heart gore/lieberman pin this morning and pined for the days when he would have fellated gores 2000 presidential campaign handlers given half the chance. as i vividly recall, gore ran shrieking away from his "liberal" environmentalism, not on it. and there was that thing about not winning his home state and refusing to embrace the successes and the aid of his predecessor during the campaign. which is not to say nader hasnt lost his luster in the intervening years but to continually blame him for gores failings, and the media heathers who lambasted him at every turn, is tiresome.
ScanCafe: cheap, high quality photo scans. Kevin Kelly has a rave review.
This service will digitize your old slides, negatives and photographic prints at high quality and at a very cheap price. I've been using them to scan my 30-year backlog of photographs and I have been delighted with the results. I've used other services to scan my old photos; ScanCafe is by far the best deal. Their prices are fantastic. To scan a slide is just 24 cents, a color negative 19 cents.
Did I post this already? I don't know, but I've always been amused by the weird use of quotation marks found on so many signs. And here's a whole blog "dedicated" to the subject.
i found a good toy site this morning, for those with kids.
recycle old electronics in october. what to bring:

working and non-working:
computers (laptop & desktop),
servers, mainframes
printers, scanners, fax-machines, copiers
network devices (routers, hubs, modems, etc.)
peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables, etc.)
components (hard drives, CD Roms, circuit boards, power supplies, etc,)
tvs,vcrs & dvd players
audio visual devices
cell phones, pagers
pdas, telecommunication (phones, answering machines, etc.)
media (floppies, cds, zips, vhs tapes)
PS3 to Debut as IPTV Set-Top Box
I thought Folgers tasted like poo until I heard of this
An Interview with architect Lebbeus Woods.
new to me as an old rocker is Ticketmaster Auctions

my partner and i wanted to spend a nite out this fall and so we heard neil young was playing uptown at this beautiful place called United Palace Theatre (owned by a church), so i went to see on sale date and discovered they were auctioning the front rows (part of??), we got 4th row center for 2 x face....

i assume neil oked this and made the $$, the scalpers whom i assume also bought now are charging 4x.....
Score one more for the flexitarians:
"A person following a low-fat vegetarian diet, for example, will need less than half (0.44) an acre per person per year to produce their food," said Christian Peters, M.S. '02, Ph.D. '07, a Cornell postdoctoral associate in crop and soil sciences and lead author of the research. "A high-fat diet with a lot of meat, on the other hand, needs 2.11 acres."

"Surprisingly, however, a vegetarian diet is not necessarily the most efficient in terms of land use," said Peters.

The reason is that fruits, vegetables and grains must be grown on high-quality cropland, he explained. Meat and dairy products from ruminant animals are supported by lower quality, but more widely available, land that can support pasture and hay. A large pool of such land is available in New York state because for sustainable use, most farmland requires a crop rotation with such perennial crops as pasture and hay.
test your book knowledge of first lines
Words to live by: "most of it’s been verified by a ‘Freeper’"
Some scientists even suggest that crows are more sophisticated tool builders than chimps, since they can transmit their knowledge on to successive generations and improve the tools over time.

Scroll down the article for interesting Quicktime video of Crow making tool. (unfortunately with annoying sign in)
Comment of the Day
During WWII, the Maqui (French Freedom Fighters) would set charges under the tracks of the trains carrying war material. They'd set the charges and watch. The train would round a bend, the charges would ignite. The train, too late to stop, would hit that damage. Momentum would carry it forward, spilling cargo and people, the line of cars falling off the tracks would crash into the preceding car. Accordionlike the entire lie would eventually be a smoldering pile of debris.

Thompson was like that.
Like many New Yorkers, or probably like anyone who lives in a small space, I have occasional dreams where I find an extra room in my apartment that I never knew existed. I guess it would be even better if the room was filled with rare old wine. And if it wasn't, you know, a dream.