free books. i haven't really checked it out too much yet, but i had dinner the other night with an editor here. i'm not so much sold on reading on my computer, but the woman who i met was downloading a chapter a day of moby dick to her iphone, which sounds like something i could get into. a chapter here and there while waiting in line somewhere or on the subway, in a taxi. i never thought reading books on anything other than paper would appeal to me, but since i am getting used to being online and emailing on my phone, it is becoming something i'm willing to think about.
uefa cup championship tomorrow at 230est on espn 2. biggest tournament outside of the world cup. european club championship. chelsea v. manchester united.
ant music
Zamfir, Master of the Dog Whistle
When I spent some time at NARAL's blog, I ran into a bit of "Hillary or Bust" attitude. In fact, that was one commenter's handle. I went further to a web site premised on the idea the Hillary is going to be #44. That site included favorable citations of Free Republic's web site and El Gasbo, the evil radio nitwit. Now, Ferraro chimes in.

Elsewhere on the web, Quiddity floats an idea of a new sort of October surprise that might help get the hilbots over the finish line.
the fall of conservatism
i cant believe msnbc just ran this. sure, it couldnt have happened to a nicer guy, but...

robert mondavi something something...
garfield minus garfield
alias aka the electric diner?
robert rauschenberg died
SF Eats>>>>>mark??
La Tacqueria??
Tacqueria Zapatos??
Dim Sum>>>>>Yank Sing??
Great meal at WD-50 last night. First time I've been in about a year I think. The place was packed! Apparently that thrid star really helps fill the house. Thanks to the Big D for squeezing us in.

We did the tasting menu. Highlights for me were the "Eggs Benedict," the Busted Foie, and the Duck, along with several of the desserts (especially the yogurt stick thingie.)

What an amazing strange great place it is.
dining establishments visited during New Orleans visit:

Jazz Fest food vendors (too many to remember)
Cafe Du Monde (3x)
Mother's (2x for breakfast)
Magnolia Cafe
Fellini's (2x)
Dick & Jenny's (2x)
Juan's Flying Burrito (nice food, great margarita)
Lil' Dizzy's
Two Sisters
Tomatillo's (adequate)
Sukho Thai (mostly mediocre, but spectacular presentation of whole fish)
Cafe Rose Nicaud (4x for breakfast)
Flora's (3x for lunch -- coffee house with salads, falafel, gyros, etc.)
Redfish Grill (3x -- bar is great for solo dining)
Port of Call (2x -- outstanding burgers served with baked potato)
Acme Oyster House
Bayona (very nice meal, courtyard is a pleasant setting)
Restaurant August (each and every dish was outstanding, including ... mudbugs with pasta, bacon and truffle foam)
no thanks
cow shit
Are people watching? I'm looking here and here for liveblogging-ish exit poll statistical projection geekery. Where are others following?

And is Time Warner cable in NYC having problems with their picture?
Great meal at Locanda Vini Olii the other nite but they allways rock IMHO and spring is a great time to eat there.......

I feel like I have become stale and hitting the same old spots....

Momofuku Ssam Bar last month rocked too for the Bo Ssam and the chef picked us out some other dishes to make it on the tops for 08

Gotta find something new......
Nizza? Kefi?? try something old like Annisa??

oh but i love the pate at Bar Boulud!!
wd50 tonight!!
we need a new elph......
the brand new SD1100 is $220 and 8 mexapixel, while the top line SD950 is 12.1 mexaP and better zoom......
our old one is 4 mexaP.....
any words of advise for amaturs that just want photo memories of the brats.....
Having a meat wave
If it's in the Post it's it's trendy.