Steve DiBenedetto

Opening Reception:
Thursday, May 8, 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates:
May 10 - June 21, 2008

Gallery Hours:
Tues- Fri: 10-6
Sat: 11-6

Gallery Contact:

steve d. painting
recycle your wine corks for cork tiles
hello, operator...
wright interview on bill moyers
kind of hilarious. who could say no to michael eisner?
70s ads


got a call yesterday from an old pal ddchapin whom told me that he heard of a butthole surfers show......well its true, 6/27, philadelphia electric factory for the paul green school of rock festival 2008.....sadly i will have to miss, but i bet this will not be the last
fact of the day:

95 percent of the water supply is delivered to New York City by gravity alone. The downhill flow creates enough pressure to shoot the water as high as six stories in most parts of the city without electricity or pumping.
prob. posted here before.....

new Grand Sichuan 15 7th Ave South opening in May, they think best yet!!

Had a not so exciting meal at Sugiyama:<(

Bar Masa is still on FIRE, amazing meal!!
fafblog is back but im hold out my enthusiasms for the whiskey bar reunion tour.
portrait of a war criminal
Clinton's "10 point" Win

Vote count from CNN, with 99% reporting ...

Clinton1,259,832 54.6684632 %
Obama1,044,663 45.3315368 %

Math is haaaarrrrrrd.
shoe fetish
splurged on a shave and a haircut today. wish the haircut was a little more even which is why i splurged to begin with instead of going to the much cheaper place on st. marks. but i really like the place as barbershops go. and they do a fair amount of business so im not alone in thinking that. also, apparently there is no such thing as a trim. barbers only know "cut." get a pair of scissors in their hands and theres no stopping them.
abel gance fest
the naked city was on tcm again. ever notice how much LES is in there including rivington st?
Peyote to LSD: A Psychedelic Odyssey on the history channel now. reairing at 2am.
washington generals
fire up those tivos, cineastes.

masaki kobayasi's samurai rebellion ovation tonight 8pm

marcel carne's children of paradise ifc sunday 935am

jules dassin's topkapi tcm sunday 935pm

carl theodor dreyer's michael tcm sunday midnight
stepford wives (from '75) just started on tcm. awful seventies score thusfar.
admittedly it doesnt really have much impact on my life but its still lame.
"raptor cam" video of 3 red tail hawks that hatched in a nest on a PDX office building
Worldwide 'Love' Vibe Detected. Skinny was right all along.