Alice Hutchins here
i have no idea who kristen bell is, but i love this.
Transcendence x 2 here
mindful eating!. i ate a meal with Thich Nhat Hanh once at the Beacon, he did a day of mindfulness there. the whole audience was silent, eating together, lunches on laps. then we all walked around the block, very slowly in silence. was a nice day.
favorite dance song? i need some ideas, thanks!
Madonna's Halftime Show or was it an Illuminati Ritual
not exactly my cup of tea but i thought the debut of smash was well executed. and as nbc is desperate for a hit (and id like something to watch thats not reality-based) im sort of rooting for it.
Monday morning quarterbacking: Should the Giants have stopped on the 1 yard line and run the clock down rather than score the final TD at the end of the game? Personally I would have been scared to do it (turn over; missed field goal; etc...) but I can see it might have been the theoretically better option. What say you?
RIP Ben Gazzara
My new alarm tone.
New signage on our block:


Mike Kelley......
look whose building is on the cover of willamette week (portland's weekly rag)
just watching a english premier league game and some spectator just handcuffed themselves to the goal post.
two dunks on back to back days. which is more impressive?

(A dunk, or, slam dunk is a type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air and manually powers the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands over the rim.)

oracle founder larry ellisons 25 year old daughter is an emerging hollywood mogul.
Finally went to St Anselm rest in WBurg last night. Prob two best btl's for money in a while (also w seriouly ugly labels),,,Lapierre gamay from K Lynch..$35...Then asked waytress next best btl thats $5 more..Had Corbieres from LDM in honor of Joe. Was $39. Funky ass wine.... Plus good sardines w/ pickled lotus and whole baby chick w head and feet. Lucio seriously examined head.
Cool joint. No veg.
Clock here
havent watched any of the australian open but knew the mens final between nadal and djokovic was on at 3am est last night. djokovic has won three out of the last four majors and beaten nadal seven straight times including finals at the us open and wimbledon. i turned on the tv just before ten and they were wrapping up after a nearly six hour match, the longest final in majors history. i wont say who won as theyve started a rebroadcast on espn 2. they began the broadcast near the end of the second set so youll only have to endure another 2 1/2 hours to find out the winner as the program is scheduled to end at 1pm. or you could search online. im pretty sure the results have leaked.
Perpetual student that I am, today I was at Laguna Seca taking a racing school. I had a pretty good day behind the wheel. David smacked a tire wall in a fast part of the track. Ibuprofen, heating pad and ice pack are fully deployed. Belts stretch to absorb energy. Despite being strapped in tight with a 6 point harness. His head helmet hit the steering wheel. I think he's convinced that a HANS is a good thing.
Enjoying season two of portlandia so far. (you go. No, you go.) Shameless less so.
Vali myers here / vali video here

Gianni vid here
RIP Dick Tufeld
twain's note to burglars, posted on his front door.
His brain is full of santorum