if you liked Lilyhammer you will love Welcome to Sweden.

And then there is Klovn, the Danish Larry David.

land shark

raye's down east mustard
for those of you do-gooders out there, my buddy andrew is seeking KIVA investors for his new farm in north carolina. he has the green thumb and business savvy to make it work.
say it ain't so, Joe.

more nyc heading to pdx

Huge news from the cocktail world: Jim Meehan of the legendary NYC cocktail bar PDT is moving to Portland, Oregon with his family next month. Eater spoke with Meehan on the phone this afternoon to find out what this means for his NYC bar, and what Portlanders can expect from him when he gets to town (a bar, maybe?). "If there's ever going to be a good time to leave it's now," he says. Meehan is moving in early August.

flyer for Kembra Pfahler at Pompeii Gallery for sale.

netf1ix original documentary the Battered Bastards of Baseball is about Portland's single-A team the Portland Maverics in the mid-1970's. I saw most of their games and collected all their autographs on my mitt. Kurt Russell was on the team and his father was the owner, that was news, but either I wasn't aware of them being any kind of sensation or I have forgotten.  My memory had it that they usually played in the rain to an almost empty stadium and lost most games.  Guess I was a cynical, glass-half-empty kind of kid.

$3 a month phone plan?
The rip Steve Post, post.

guess its your average fall saturday crowd for college football in michigan but 109,000 plus were in attendance for a soccer exhibition match in august making it the largest crowd ever for a soccer game in the us.

Soy Cuba
Hear Roland Barthes Present His 40-Hour Course, La Préparation du roman, in French (1978-80)

so, this was a thing & so was cheryl stoppelmoor.

RIP Margot Adler central park enthusiast
90 min no-soak beans

anyone read asimov's lucky starr series written under the name paul french? written for young readers.

the greatest artist in the whole wide world - Edgar Oliver for the Paris Review

Racines NY

about two squares

this will not end well. will ferrell and friends to mount a big screen version of 80s schlock tv show manimal.

on human shielding

and its signs.

challenge accepted! (not really.)