last week was all about a 13 year old female little leaguer; this week is more prosaic, a 15 year old female tennis player, cici bellis, who is the youngest american to win a match at the us open since 1986. her next match is supposed to be later today but its scheduled on an outer court and they havent mentioned whether it has lighting. will be a problem unless the match currently underway finishes in short order.


cute little beach house in wa for 299. Bit of a ways from portland, i think in point roberts. 

We have a friend from Switzerland staying with us, so I picked up this swiss wine at my local shop: 2008 Domaine de Beudon Les Vignes le Ciel. It's riesling and sylvaner. Super duper interesting and yummy. A tiny bit sweet, but then all this weird grassy-ness puts it back in balance. Biodynamic. Non filtered. I feel like I'm running through a high mountain meadow singing "The hills are alive...."

I think I'm really good at making stock. I just watched the first two episodes of mind of a chef, featuring David Chang. Holy, fuck, does that guy know stock. Different league.

pickle me this

the sports story of the week is the 13 year old girl who threw a shut out at the little league world series on friday. next week she graces the cover of sports illustrated. tonight at 7:30 she pitches again on espn.

A frequently recurring topic in discussion of Peirce is his view that the object of a sign relates to it as cause of it, which he sometimes expresses in saying that the object "determines" the sign (or is a "determinant" of it). Among other things, this raises the question of how that can be in the case where the object of the sign does not exist prior to the occurrence of the sign. (This is, of course, a stock objection to the use of the conception of final causation in particular.) Peirce addresses that in the passage below, which is from an unpublished manuscript of 1909. I cannot say that I fully understand it and am curious as to what others think of it.
object of a sign CP

the jewiest christmas story since jesus in the manger. thats my tagline for the movie shooting on my block today. the writer/director, producers and primary actors and none of them know the true meaning of christmas. that they didnt choose borough park as a primary location was their only mistake as nothing screams silent night like the sight of round, furry men in round, furry hats wobbling to and fro.

also, note to producers. christmas takes place in winter.

breakfast special

visiting Americas great breakfast joints...
RIP Jay Adams consummate skateboarder
Yeah, you right, it's tomato sandwich season. They don't mention it but you gonna want duke's brand mayo on it.
More than 40 international women’s players have stepped forward and are threatening to take legal action against FIFA and its decision to allow the 2015 Women’s World Cup to be held exclusively on artificial turf in Canada.  

you know its time to diet when....

just watched the first episode of utopia which is a british sci-fi conspiracy thriller mashup. the second season (of six episodes, damn those brits and their short seasons) just wrapped up quite possibly today. it definitely got my attention, and hbos, too, as they are developing an american version with david fincher on board to produce and direct.

you know how to whistle, dont you? just put your lips together and blow.

jeez. robin williams dead of apparent suicide.

one of the podcasts ive long appreciated but have tired of somewhat is men in blazers, a soccer podcast featuring two enthusiastic british ex-pats who have made it their mission to spread their love of soccer to an american audience. mib got a big boost by being featured nightly during espns world cup soccer broadcasts. they stood out as they got to be the comic relief juxtaposed against all the self serious former players doing analysis. there was talk in the afterglow that bigger and better things were afoot and that foot turns out to be a regular gig on the nbc sport network  which currently broadcasts the english premier league.

American painters on technique

any response from our driving expert on the unfortunate series of events at a race last night beyond the obvious stupidity of a driver walking on to a track to confront another driver mid-race? im not talking about the stupidity that racing appreciates whatever controversy fuels fandom and thus quietly applauds any and all testosterone-fueled confrontations. moreso to the notion ive read online that stewart acted equally as impulsive and could have avoided the driver but was intent on scaring him. then upon accelerating, he accidentally fishtailed the life out of the 20 year old. i actually dont want to watch the video, but you should for me!

the australian open of golf, the pga championship, finishes up the grand slam season this afternoon. of interest because golf is begging for a new star and 25 year old rory mcllroy is suddenly living up to that possibility. this would be his second major of the year, his fourth overall,  and his third straight tour victory. that he broke off his engagement earlier this summer and won a tournament that same week proves once and for all that girls are icky. augusta national really dropped the ball by allowing them to become members. how is serving drinks to and getting ass slapped by rich southern white men not validation enough? for more on that and the dulcet tones of jim nance, tune in to cbs at three for four hours of rollicking good fun. oh yeah, nine golfers are within four strokes of the leader, mcllroy, including doughy republican superdad, phil mickelson.

timbers lore.

ive seen only very positive reviews for steven soderberghs turn of the 20th century medical drama the knick which premieres tonight on cinemax. its already been greenlit for a second season. sure you can find it if you look hard enough.