the magic was real

Marginalized but not Demystified

maybe i should compile one of  these. wouldnt be embarrassing at all.

lets see what did i read today? nothing again.

what did i watch? two episodes from season 2 of game of thrones... last nights @midnight.... last weeks episode of billy on the street... 1/2ish of a knicks game... around the horn... new girl.... brooklyn 99.

oh right, podcasts... futility closet, hot takedown, ronna & beverly, in our time. but dont quiz me on that last one.

Kodak resurrects Super 8 with a new video camera:

Kodak says that it will launch multiple Super 8 cameras, film development services and post production tools as part of its Super 8 Revival plan.

"It is an ecosystem for film" Jeff Clarke, Eastman Kodak Chief Executive Officer, said in a statement. "Following the 50th anniversary of Super 8, Kodak is providing new opportunities to enjoy and appreciate film as a medium."

D'oh. Dave beat me to it.

if it can work for vinyl..... kodak plans super 8ish revival.

It is almost orthodoxy in most of the NBA today: Offensive rebounding doesn't matter, especially because it threatens the integrity of your defense.

Burrito Tunnel

binge watching Mozart in the Jungle.

we've got a real stink bug infestation at our house. the cats won't even catch them.



nice sean broch pimento cheese spread recipe via adman

binge watching F is for family

the inspiration for that dylan poster

Merry Christmas 2015.



sent back my broken 7yo speakers to audioengine. they promised to fix or replace for $80. luckily they were unfixable so i got an upgrade from the previous model.

Braised short ribs from scratch is my goal for a holiday meal. Probably veal stock, depending on the recipe and what bones i can get. I hope there is a heavy pot for the braise. Also, i forgot to pack my knife sharpening stones. I was hoping to do a mass sharpening on all the nice but dull knives in the kitchen.

Nothing says Christmas like Fum! Fum! Fum!

its the most wonderful time of the year --- oscar screener leak season!

rainbow grocery SF

Maybe Shulgin was right, new quantum model suggests universe is infinitely old.