korean baseball league uses stuffed animals behind plate in lieu of fans.

street art (on the far side of the park is the white house)



This might be my all time favorite Onion headline (although there are so many!): “Protesters criticized for looting businesses without forming private equity firm first.”

like data?



They missed one line......."Cause of death; LIVING!"

Moss balls

which color would/did you buy? which color is most popular?


looking for a good Suicide box set. Found this but so much redundancy. Kind of fits.


four thieves vinegar

american trial: the eric garner story


Duane Hansen  Olivier Mosset

ordered 18 items from walmart a week ago. mostly foodstuffs. came in 7 different deliveries. the last just arrived. if you had bbq sauce in the raffle, you win!

best deal:

(3 Pack) Maille Dijon Originale Traditional Dijon Mustard, 7.5 OZ $6.42

usually costs about $4.50 for one at the supermarkets.


wildcard on my whole foods order — hamburger patties with bacon and cheddar cheese in the mix.

hack-man fever

Linda B making a great potatoe with some Jimmy Sapphire-ness.

RIP Lynn Shelton