georgia o'cheffe

Tapestry showing Arthur as one of the Nine Worthies, wearing a coat of arms often attributed to him (c. 1385)


palette cleanser

disparate objects

Alex you must have had something to do with R's latest art piece.....

Stout / Cycladic 

Ford f-100 retro concept E pickup 

have we done the lunch box nostalgia tour before? i had the snoopy one.


Pete Schulte

watched this on criterion tonight. Recommend 


DJT editorial in WSJ

we (there was a "we"!) were talking tom hanks movies when we should have been talking peter scolari. rip.

frisbee history 

not with a bang but with a whimper... rip colin powell.

Yaffa's shitak, portobello pate:


shallots,shitake,portobello,sauteed in butter for 10 minutes, add walnut, put every thing in a blender, than chop more walnut&parsley,mixed it ,add salt if you wish,enjoy,

just watched the Sopranos prequel. A must if you were an avid watcher. Many early "family" members. 

kind of tired of vu but since it is a todd haynes doc....

these are good time-capsule-y snap shots - snl hosts introducing musical guests. had no idea who this guy was even after i sussed it out.