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good ol' billmon straps on the pessimism feedbag in this trump/alt-right thread. click below the picture (by the likes & retweets) to see it unspool.

Sarah Silverman's move to the right side of history.


Polychrome in the Sixties: David Smith and Anthony Caro (932KB, 14pp.) 
Sarah Hamill

Name that drug.

the ocean is broken. via sarah on fb

kind of cool that the studio that produced a sarah silverman pilot let her put it up on youtube. i can see why nbc would be hesitant to run with this but it had its moments of inspiration. maybe casting all her friends on her shows has its limits like her acting range. but by the end i would still have liked to see a little more. as it is she recently signed on to do a comedy on hbo with topher grace which isnt her project so will be interesting to see how well she performs outside her own insular vision.

lizzie and sarah

pdx portland

Jason Neroni's not the only New York City name looking to make it big in Portland: Eater confirmed today that New York transplant Sarah Pliner (formerly head chef at the West Village's Socialista Downstairs and veteran of Ducasse and Aquavit) will open up Aviary, a small-plates style spot, on NE Alberta sometime early next year. "Coming from New York, we wanted to be part of a neighborhood," Pliner says. "Alberta is such a vibrant, happening place."

Pliner (who spent about 10 years in Portland during the '90s — cooking at the Heathman and Giorgio's), is pairing with fellow schooled-in-NYers Jasper Shen (Aquavit, Jean-Georges) and Kat Whitehead for the project, and their eclectic mix of influences shows up in the menu. "We've all worked in a million kinds of restaurants," Pliner says, "and we want to take the best of things we've done." A sneak peek at a working menu reveals three sections: Small plates (featuring roast goose salad and oxtail croquettes); a vegetarian "seasonal" menu (think tempura pumpkin and cauliflower veloute); and large plates (like crispy pig ear with coconut rice, and brioche-crusted halibut with uni). NY strip streak is the priciest item, at $16.

Build-out is in progress; projected opening date: January.
finally a place for me to express my independents.
Wolcott on Seaton on Sarah
sarah silverman on bill maher

Hey MB, jiml, and sarah: do you have any thoughts about your meal at Allen & Delancy? Worth it?
looks like the worst news is that the dems fell short in a couple of senate races, and the expected numbers in the house were also somewhat less than expected so theyll be no supermajorities. most notable among them are al franken losing (at the moment) by less than 1000 votes and alaska voting for the convicted felon, the latter quite probably resulting in the govenor appointing herself the next senator from alaska. so good chance we'll be seeing alot more of sarah palin in the near future.

also that crazy bitch that cried mccarthyism (bachmann) from minnesota won which is unfortunate.
Song for Sarah
season premieres of sarah silverman and south park tonight @10 on comedy central.

tomorrow night on tcm tati tati tati & tati.
more season premieres. tonight the sarah connor chronicles.
im with glenn and paul and rick. anger and resentment are effective. hope is a thin gruel. i hope those swing voters arent very hungry.
Michael Pollan takes aim at “nutritionism” in his new book


We prepare our meals from plants and animals—a fact we can choose either to note with some humility or to hide from our awareness by forgetting. This has been a recurring theme in Michael Pollan’s books of late. Like all good writers, Pollan aims to describe what he sees as precisely as he can. But this does not lead him to a showily fine prose style. That would be an aesthetic approach, and though Pollan often worries that we’ve lost the sense of pleasure, he is very much the ethicist—and, if we’re honest, he is once in a while even a scold. This is happily offset by a sly modesty (“By now,” he self-accuses in 1997’s A Place of My Own: The Education of an Amateur Builder, “you have probably noticed a tendency of mine to lean rather heavily on words and theories in my dealings with the world”), a deftness at animating philosophical problems, and a knack—unusual in books that seek to change minds and habits—for sustaining an atmosphere of suspense.
sarah silverman has a new show on comedy central thursday at 1030. tv squad is hoping she can transcend her schtick but they dont seem too confident.
Back at work on the third of July; an abrupt transition. Head still full of canyons and meadows and rivers and mountains, receding now behind the city, but still there, finding a way through the cracks, the gaps, all the little spaces never quite paved over, in the city or in the mind.

I want to thank our hosts once more:
The RenHillWalls, who put us up in Bozeman, providing various sorts of guidance.
The Copelands, who installed us in their amazing Lucky Dog Lodge on the Gallatin.
The MacFaddens, whose beautiful cabin on the Smith River is no more than a fitting setting for their jewel of a daughter, Sarah, who was the major motivator behind the whole adventure.
Thanks to all, and to all the friends, old and new, who shared the good times.
May we meet again.
Oh, those tabloids!

When I saw the giant Daily News headline SARAH! I thought they were congratulating our friend Sarah Macfadden on her big jewelry sale to toney retailer ABC Carpet & Home, but our Sarah's not that big (not yet): it was surprise gold medal figure skater Sarah Hughes of Long Island. She's also on the front of the Post, under a big headline screaming MURDERED, which made me start, until I saw that it was an unfortunate congruence with the sad story of captive Wall St Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. You know these editors are agonizing over what is the real news. But the best line was on the back of the Post, where a picture of fallen favorite Michelle Kwan was tagged NO KWAN DO!
does anyone have the address of sarah's opening? i forgot the invite and need to be there by 6...
Sarah MacFadden (who may be lurking hereabouts) has jewelry on display with Tiffany Peay, opening this Friday. But can she take advantage of publicity for the upcoming Tolkien movie by making magic rings?
Jennifer Jason Leigh is on Rosie O'Donell this morning wearing one of Sarah MacFaddens necklaces.
They're Back :

"According to the official Ninja Tune website, a Portland, Oregon radio station has been fined $7,000 by the FCC
for playing "Your Revolution," recorded by DJ Vadim featuring spoken word poetry by Sarah Jones. "Your
Revolution" appears on DJ Vadim's 1999 release, USSR: Life from the Other Side. The trouble stems from the
opening line of the song, "Your revolution will not happen between these thighs." The FCC has deemed that the
song features "unmistakable patently offensive sexual references."
Ninja Tune is encouraging fans and listeners to contact FCC Chairman Michael Powell at or
1-888-225-5322 "to voice your concern and support independent music and free speech." KBOO-FM stands
by their decision to play the track, and has 30 days to respond to the formal complaint. Those who are interested
in reading the full report (including the lyrics in question) can do so at the FCC's official site."
Pictures from Sarah's one of a kind jewelry show.
sarah macfadden
one of a kind jewelry show
one night only

tues. 6/19/01 6-9
clemente soto velez cultural center
2nd floor gallery
107 suffolk st nyc