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You're drinking the wrong kind of milk...

For now, here in the United States, the best way to get milk with a higher-than-average A2 content is to buy it from a dairy that uses A2-dominant cow breeds such as the Jersey, the Guernsey, or the Normande. In Northern California, for example, Sonoma County's Saint Benoit Creamery specifies on its milk labels that it uses "pastured Jersey cows."

The heirloom A2 cow breeds tend to be hardy animals adapted to living on the open range and not producing a ton of milk, but what they do produce is comparatively thicker, creamier, and, many people say, a lot tastier than what you'll typically find at the supermarket.

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Buddhist economics

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dont ask me why but i was just looking at the e.t. wikipedia page and i happen to notice a quote from a "perd hapley" among the critical response to the movie right after one from george will who panned it for "spreading subversive notions about childhood and science." guess the bowtie was wound a bit too tight that day.

anyway, what struck me about the name perd hapley was that it was the same as a fictional newscaster on parks and recreation, and with a few more taps of the keyboard it turns out that the quote was indeed a line of dialogue from the show and not as i momentarily considered that the character was named after a real person.

what was his insight into the movie, you ask?

"It's a heartwarming story, but it's just not believable."

he gave it 1 1/2 stars.

NJ to TESLA: Drop Dead

boardwalk empire ends after next season but the same team is set for another hbo drama. this one is set in the 70s rock scene. so far olivia wilde and bobby cannavale are set to star.

A 25,000 square foot French food market called Le District is under construction with an opening slated for later this year. There is space for six new stand-alone restaurants, joining P.J. Clarke's, which is already open in the complex. Parenthetically, the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) will be relocating its campus to Brookfield Place from the Flatiron District next year, bringing thousands of culinary students to the area.

But first out of the box will be a collection of some of NYC's most celebrated fast casual and street food restaurants, which will share 35,000 square feet of communal space overlooking the Hudson River.

We had a thread somewhere about DIY-ish audio setups, but I can't find it. Just wanted to note that there is now a $33 expansion board for the Raspberry Pi that will give you, amoung other I/O goodness, SPDIF audio out from the Pi: the Wolfson Audio Card.

And reading about that led me to another add on card that accomplishes the same, at about the same price: the HiFiBerry Digi.

So while either of these will double the price of the Pi, it's still pretty cheap in the whole scheme of things. Would love to have the time to play around with this. Someday.

3000 beatniks riot in village
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Dave. Quicken loans March Madness retirement fund?

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not sure im ready for it to be light until 7pm but its one less hour to wait for the true detective finale tomorrow.

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