so yeah, attack on titan. first anime ive watched in a while. was the biggest title of 2013. mostly engaging although i agree with the reviewers issues with it being overly emotive as the menace is palpable enough. seems like a problem often found in anime where they would rather allow the characters to scream out how theyre feeling than let the action and the character reaction speak for itself. but that just may be a stylistic choice that comes with the territory. the other problem he mentions is pacing but that is far less noticeable when you binge 25 episodes in three days.

not difficult to find as there are streaming anime sites abound.

Tesla model 3 $35k


hard to believe this has never happened before. kc royals fans (not exactly a large fan base) have been stuffing the all-star ballot box. every spot except centerfield is currently occupied by a royal.  i have no idea which if any are worthy but according to espn second basemen omar infante is batting .204 with zero homeruns and is ranked dead last among american leaguers at that position.

rolling huts in methow valley

block island A frame

black is black

square biz


socccapocalypse today. unfortunately i am without beinsports so the copa america is off my plate. but there are euro 2016 qualifiers. italy v. croatia is on espn at 245 est and the american women play sweden at 8 on fox.

We now have a pretty good idea of what hell sounds like, thanks to medieval sheet music painted on a sinner’s butt. This original contribution to human knowledge comes from Amelia, a music and information systems double major at Oklahoma Christian University. Late one night, Amelia and her friend Luke were examining The Garden of Earthly Delights, the surreal triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, when they discovered something amazing: “ written upon the posterior of one of the many tortured denizens of the rightmost panel of the painting which is intended to represent Hell.” Here's the result:

After she stopped laughing, Amelia decided to transcribe the notes and record the song based on what she knew of Gregorian-era chants.

This inspired wellmanicuredman, another blogger, to turn Amanda's work into a full choral arrangement: The 600 year old butt song has gone viral and Amelia's now working with her college’s music department to improve the accuracy of the transcription. Best independent study ever._GlobalPost

drip... drip... drip.... CRASH!!!

half my bathroom ceiling fell in.


tough day for british nonagenarian character actors. time did what the artful dodger and gandalf never could. rip fagin and sauramon. (look it up yourself, you lazy bastards.)

one week until its been a year since i had my last haircut. (i fact checked the date. it was during australias second wc game. remember that wonder goal by tim cahill?) can i keep procrastinating as i have for the last four months to push it past a year? my money is on yes.

"We're delighted that Brontosaurus is back..."



game of thrones had a lacklustre start to the season but people will mostly remember the last two episode when looking back. next week is the finale. despite it being the most expensive show on tv i still think these 10 episode seasons are weak. why bother having one of the most popular shows on tv that drives subscriptions and then penny pinch? whats 10 or 20 million dollars extra when you have 2 billion in net profits?

"If we are not brutal about diagnosing what we are up against, then all of our resistance is futile. If we think that voting for Hillary Clinton … is really going to make a difference, then I would argue we don’t understand corporate power and how it works. If you read the writings of anthropologists, there are studies about how civilizations break down; and we are certainly following that pattern. Unfortunately, there’s nothing within human nature to argue that we won’t go down the ways other civilizations have gone down. The difference is now, of course, that when we go down, the whole planet is going to go with us."

my go to bbq chicken recipe is to take a parted whole chicken and marinate it in commercial italian salad dressing (paul newman) and grill it up. here they take it to stage two with a balsamic glaze and grated parm oven toasting.

just found this food site. its bountiful!

interesting game 1 of the nba finals. its the golden state warriors v. the cleveland cavaliers for all of you not paying attention. lebron james is carrying his team with 39 points with 4 minutes remaining but his team is down 1. golden state is just so much deeper especially as clevelands third best scorer is out for the series. golden state can go 10 deep while cleveland at best has 8 although 6 have had the majority of minutes. and the 11th guy on the warriors bench was an all-star two years ago. so even if lebron wills them to victory over a game or two it just doesnt look like they can win over the course of a seven game series.

Have you been watching the U-20 Men's World Cup??

The #9 (USA) guy is the "Portland" lad that is buddies (and trained?) with R's trainer....aka Rubio Rubin

The team is doing great, he is doing super!!

eight reply 1971

saffron safari to Lancaster Pa

sports saturday (est)

9 am french open women's finals (nbc) yet to be determined

245 pm champions league finals (fox) barcelona v. juventus

645 pm belmont stakes (nbc) another shot at a triple crown

suddenly got a lot less interesting when i realized it wasnt game two of the nba finals but game two of the nhl finals.

8 pm nhl finals game 2 (nbc) chicago v. tampa bay