Ed's soy marinated chicken

"marinate it in a decent Japanese soy sauce (Yamasa) watered down a little or
Japanese straight soba soup base (Tsuyu). Shirakiku is a good brand and
available at the Jap. markets. Then saute in a combination of sesame oil and
veg/light olive oil with some garlic, pepper and greens of choice (some really
dense greens may need to be par-boiled a little first). Then add a little tsuyu.
Serve on rice or add just cooked soba noodles to the pan in the end and salute a
little more, making it kind of like a yaki-soba."

I have a whole chicken soaking hlf way up in soy sauce with some water, chopped lemon grass, crushed garlic, grated ginger in the fridge. will flip a couple of thimes before cooking.

subtitle on twitter: running of the interns.

probably have copies of the supreme court ruling on obamacare.

the slow scramble

just watched two john from cincinnatis.

thats enough for one night.

stumbled across mr. robot as i was clicking around. had only seen the name of the show once recently. pleasantly surprised so far. not great by any stretch but as noirish hacker conspiracy shows go it has promise as summer filler.

will i read this article about the triangle offense favored by current knicks gm phil jackson? maybe. i do like the format enough to recommend a peek if you have ny times clicks to spare.

sugar mint

diggerland NJ

i have been getting this sidebar add on fb / yipes!

grilled sourdough flatbread


thats a splendid black and white David Smith painting.

the second iteration of true detective starts tonight on hbo. i have avoided any reviews to this point. looks like the critics are considerably mixed as to their enthusiams. 

wwc update. the final 16 entered the knockout rounds this weekend. first upset was today with australia knocking out brazil. thus far france and germany have looked to be the two best teams which is unfortunate as they are set to face off in the quarterfinals. the us is probably next although i havent seen japan play. us play columbia tomorrow and china in the next round should they advance. columbia is no pushover as they upset france earlier in the tournament. if the us move through those two opponents theyd face the winner of germany v. france in the semifinals. on the other side with brazil gone japan need only get through its opening match with the netherlands and todays upset victor australia to make its way to the semis. the other four teams have yet to play their round of 16 match with the swiss up against canada in about an hour. england play norway at 5 tomorrow prior to the us game at 8.

nice Konrad Klapheck in Art Basel’s Unlimited section.

feel dumb not to know his work already. great work!

Dewey and Wylie in the Post.

BYGGYZ now said to be opening "later this summer."

Dope is stupid fresh fly.

draft latte


not a fan.

us open started today. beautiful puget sound backdrop. first one ever in the pacific northwest if you dont count northern california. also, the course is unusual. similar to something you might see in britain. no trees, brown grass, lots of bunkers and crazy undulating greens. and prime time finishes here on the east coast.

another period

watched the first one. will probly watch more.

mom, can i have $200,000? i want to major in the comedic arts. no, thats not a joke. why are you laughing?

buried in that hbo story i linked to is a pretty good scenario for the next home for the most popular sportswriter/podcaster/tvhost/documentarian bill simmons who was recently fired from espn. hbo is a time warner property. he could have a weekly show there and curate a documentary series as he did at espn. time warner also broadcasts baseball on tbs and basketball on tnt which would greatly appeal to him and they own a popular sports but still raw site called bleacher report. his columns and podcasts would bring some welcome traffic and credibility as the site is built on the back of amateur writer enthusiasts. that actually fits well with simmons brand as he ushered in the era of columnist as fan subjectivity. whether he would try to recreate his grantland project, a sports-pop culture amalgam is another question to ponder. are you pondering?

who the hell is ready for some dental damnation? theres blood... theres gore... theres viscera.... theres... a bubble panel?

what isnt there?

cable glands.

and a story! im too lazy!

welcome to my world.

Insane. Us open cup timbers v sounders. 11 v 7, 3 red cards for sea. 30 min extra time. 3-1 por. nuts.