finally on board with the netflix animated show bojack horseman and just in time for season two. takes a few episodes before it shifts into gear but worth the effort.

the spammer algorithm has finally decided to send me j-date spam instead of christian mingle. little do they know that i am a self hating jew. maybe the "j" stands for jihadi. id click through to find out but i suspect id end up on the nsa's spam list, too, and they are the worst. you do not want to know what lengths they go to for penis enlargements.

new orleans style red beans and rice, serves 10.


watched this on the plane yesterday, hilarious. 



The mysterious origin of Spidey’s costume.

a fearful frenzy

Enjoying Michael: Tuesday's & Thursday's.

The next full-margin rupture of the Cascadia subduction zone will spell the worst natural disaster in the history of the continent.



tv update!

ive been kind of dreading watching the second season of true detective after its lukewarm reception. i dont care much for colin farrell and even less for vince vaughn. gave it my first go round this afternoon and turned it off after 15 minutes. i couldnt make out much of what they were saying what with all the self serious murming going on. were it not for the pedigree id bail right now but if it doesnt find a reason for being beyond creating a mood i might not be around for long. even the leftovers managed to be intriguing while maintaining a sense of dread, though i hear that is in for a hard reboot for season 2 this fall.

i did find the new show humans on amc more to my liking. has the potential to turn south quickly but humanoid cyborgs as servants becoming sentient piqued my interest.

also, season 3 of masters of sex starts tonight on showtime...

rip Kenojuak Ashevak

chicken 19 ways

I don't cook much steak and I'm not much of a Gordon Ramsay fan but have had good results with these instructions.

down on the street

murray v. federer upcoming on espn in wimbledon semi. djokovic just breezed into final in the other semi.

Is there a category of food called "resort food"? Seems like there ought to be. I've had questionable dining experiences at/near resorts in Kuaii, Costa Rica, Monterey, Tahoe. They seem to have a few things in common:

- very bland flavor profile, to avoid offending the palate of mid-America

- pointlessly long list of ingredients -- to impress?

- rich, calorie-laden preparation and/or large portions

- painfully inauthentic, Examples paella that's not paella, cuban sandwich that's not a cuban sandwich, fish taco that's not a proper fish taco, shrimp and grits with barely recognizible grits, tempura that looks like the fish from a really crappy preparation of fish 'n chips

The intent seems to be making food for that won't offend and will impress people who don't know much about food. With some places, there's the exra layer of not giving a shit because no one is going to be a repeat customer anyway.

Congratulations Ruth 

nyc ramen crawl
10 in 24

walking in a timbers wonderland


Jed Rasula’s history of Dada, “Destruction Was My Beatrice,” dispenses with a few old chestnuts of art history, chief among them the chronological fixation on Dada as a precursor to Surrealism, or a younger sibling of Futurism. The ordering by art critics of 20th-century avant-garde movements has required that they be both recognizable and dead. This has made them convenient and marketable, while draining away their revolutionary content. The art market embraced the products of every “ism” as soon as it recognized its distinct style. 

The only avant-garde that escaped the zombie line is Dada.



In the earliest decades of this nation -- before this nation was even a nation -- four waves of settlers arrived from Britain. The first three waves landed in New England, the Southern Colonies and the Middle Colonies, respectively, and each defined the culture of its own region. The fourth wave came in mostly through the Middle Colonies, but it didn't stay there. Instead, it migrated inland, into the Appalachian mountain range. It spread south, then west, through the Tennessee River Valley. It crossed the Mississippi River into Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. And because of its greater willingness to migrate, it's reached into almost every corner of this country.

The fact that this culture has, to a greater or lesser degree, influenced almost every part of America, doesn't mean that it is America. It's only one color in the mosaic. Yet it claims a monopoly on "American values," and incredibly, the media let it get away with that.

Here's why the media are wrong.




unequivocal statement from the white house for a change.

bee aggressive