Ten parts for surf n turf pasta for the greatest mother on earth!!

was having a rare drink out around the corner with my neighbor last night. the subject of the newly minted multiplex two blocks away came up and with little prodding i was convinced to see the 10pm 3d showing of the new avengers movie. i think the last movie i saw in a theater was the gore vidal v william f buckley documentary 2 or 3 years ago. so this was a treat (literally, my neighbor paid. he is nothing if not generous.) and my first 3d experience which seems like a good one all things considered.

it was pretty good, definitely overlong and leaning a little in to the sentimentality as this was THE END GAME though with a lot of humor to fill in the gaps prior to the inevitable apocalyptic showdown. i dont know what marvel has slated going forward other than another guardians of the galaxy installment which is teased at the end of this, but a-list character arcs were terminated in this though it being a fantasy world no one is ever really dead, or someone else can rise up or be anointed to take on the heros mantle. they also gave a brief glimpse at what an all female driven avengers type movie might look like but that may have been fan service as theres been some persistent chatter about that being a future avenue marvel needs to pursue. 

the real stars were the oversized electric reclining chairs with footrests and the stadium seating especially for a movie of this girth. though at $22 for a 3d ticket (ouch!) they should really throw in a tub of popcorn and a catheter tube.

last go round...

this came out of a perfectly sealed box

Looks like tomorrow I need to make my first romesco.....

First potato and asparagus arrived!!

We really enjoyed Ozark on Netflix. Now we need something new...

i joined the criterion collection Chanel as a charter member for one year renewable at $90 bucks. Anyone else join? Enrollment is still open of course at a slightly higher rate. 

Wow, fire at Notre-Dame de Paris looks catastrophic; so sad. Not even a thousand years old.

remember when we all talked about moving to butte? good times, or times, at least.

could be one of those legendary tv days that youll remember for the rest of your life week. liverpool v chelsea as liverpool fight to stay 1 point back of manchester city with 5 games to go. pretty good.  4 first round playoff basketball matches.... ehh.  good for a channel surf or two. playoff hockey for whoever watches that and baseball for the fox news set. but leading the sporting news as he somehow still manages to do is tiger woods who is currently in second at the start of the final round of the masters. so strap on the ol' jim nance feedbag as they pushed starting times up for weather related reasons. lets see if he can still be in the hunt by the 1130 kickoff of the liverpool game.

and, oh yeah, final truncated season of game of thrones at 9. so excited my toes are almost wiggling. where is a bottle of nembutal when you need it. seriously, i need i bottle of nembutal. just boning up on my barbituates. what a great era that must have been to be alive sleepwalking through life.

I have Pho for breakfast 2 or 3 times a week.....

Linda did not like my 1/2 homemade breakfast today....

Talk about Main Stream Media crap…

I’ve got a new work computer with Windows 10 (yech) and every time I open a tab it throws a bunch of clickbait pseudo news stories at me. I’m a sucker for history, so I check out “on this date” from MSN “news” and read “1862: Siege of Yorktown begins” a weird conflation of the revolution and the civil war: “The Battle of Yorktown begins as union forces under Gen. George McCellan arrive to take command in Virginia. The culmination of the Yorktown campaign after the siege proved to be the last major land battle of the American Revolutionary War. The surrender by Cornwallis, and the capture of both him and his army, prompted the British government to negotiate an end to the conflict.” Then I learn that Howard Hughes died in a plane crash, which he didn’t; he almost did earlier in his life, and he was probably on a plane when he died, but it wasn’t from a crash. How do they come up with this stuff, millennial bots going through Wikipedia backwards? And these are just obvious ones I happen to know; how much bullshit goes undetected? (Wonder if they will make corrections.)


Steve DiBenedetto Jennifer Sirey

Can you beat this in life?

They finally started taking reservations, and because that meant I wouldn't have to wait in line for three hours, I went to Au Cheval, the much hyped Chicago burger restaurant. Nice room. Super buzz (too much for me but I'm old.) Cool location in Cortlandt Alley. But "best burger in America"? No. It's a good burger, sure. Fries are quite good. Fried bologna sandwich sounds interesting in a low brow hipster way although we all had the burger so I can't say for sure. Nothing specific to complain about but it didn't knock my socks off. Doubt I'll go back except maybe if I had someone in from out of town and I thought they might like a fancy burger restaurant in a cool graffiti-fied back alley in Tribeca. It's almost like if Universal Studios did an NYC amusement park, this would be the cool downtown burger place in it. But again, I guess I'm old.