a "proud" member of the 4.3% that could name everyone of these tv shows from a single image. 

Happy Birthday Vern Estes




Van Eyck's The Adoration Of The Mystic Lamb restored

hot on twitter. best seat? in order.

Merry Christmas 2019



Through Time, and Time Again

Christmas Recycles

One Year’s Tree

Is another’s Yule Log;

Yesteryear Fuels the Future


rip anna karina

Eric Doeringer is showing some Parrino paintings in Miami http://www.ericdoeringer.com/bootlegs2/BootPages/btparrino.html

We were planning to look into more German wines next year. Putting together a short list any suggestions appreciated. 


brice marden at gagosian 

downstairs at essex market looks interesting.

eclectic sports site deadspin has been at odds with their corporate overlords over the direction of the site. they were basically told to "shut up and sports" instead of engaging in politics and assorted random topics that makes the site unique. then they fired one of the main writers who posted a non-sports story in defiance. in response the writers/editors have only posted the marginalia that interests them today and then most/many have just up and quit.

nyc bans sale of foie gras.... in three years.