one final body blow closes out season 3 of succession. cant recommend it enough if you like good tv and horrible people.

So, NYC is about to play Portland for the MLS championship, and I haven't heard a word about it on DMTree?

Another question is why don't I have permission to post to 110%?

five year east river park plan underway

subway has a weekend popup outside my window on allen st called cookieway featuring, you guessed it, cookies. was wondering who would show up for subway cookies but apparently some people. theres about 20 low quality cookie sugar fiends queued up now. 

now i understand the despair felt over the loss of sondheim.

Alan Sonfist 

Rivington School

beautiful photo of central park. hope to visit there some day!

noticed i had no jam in the fridge. seems like fridges always have jam in them. doesnt a fridge just manifest them or is there some other way? also, what is your favorite jam and why are you wrong?

Looking for the D*sney work around,

black friday, year three: should i buy an instapot?

not one brining post. this is how communities lose their juice.

the fourth estate sale